Best Dog Flea Control Product?

Scratching from Fleas

Fleas are a constant source of frustration, anger, and torment for our beloved family pets. During the warmer months, fleas are the main reason pet owners seek veterinary advice. What is the best dog flea control product? Comfortis wins without a doubt!! Comfortis is a pill given every thirty days that virtually eliminates fleas and the clinical signs associated with flea allergy. No more messy top spot applications! No more fears about chemicals being spread all over the house. No more worries about bathing your pet in the presence of a flea infestation. Why is Comfortis the best dog flea control product?

Reasons Comfortis is the best dog flea control product:

1. Comfortis is a pill! Easy to administer!

2. Comfortis is the most natural product! Click here for review of spinosad!

3. Comfortis has few side effects, if any!

4. Comfortis is still effective after a bath!

5. Comfortis starts killing fleas after thirty minutes!

I have used Comfortis in my practice for all kinds of flea problems. I have yet to see an adverse event associated with its use. There are reports of side effects when using Comfortis in conjunction with extra-label use of Ivermectin. Most commonly, this scenario might be present when treating a puppy for Demodectic mange while also using Comfortis. Again, I have never seen this in practice but it has been reported.

Clients will often ask me the following: “What happens if my dog vomits after I give the medicine?” Great question! I have seen this and it usually occurs if we give the medicine in the office. Oftentimes, these dogs are excited and vomiting occurs not because of the pill but because of the excitement. In this scenario, the drug company Elanco will reimburse you the dose of medicine. Pretty good deal!

Comfortis, in my experience, is the best dog flea control product and is highly recommended!




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  1. Tina says

    Comfortis is now approved for use in cats.

    I used it for the first time with my 3 cats last night and did see a side effect (which I already reported to Elanco). 2 of the 3 cats have fully dilated pupils that do not constrict with light. The company advised me to wait and watch as this was not a known side effect. The cats are healthy otherwise and not taking any other medications. They seem in good spirits despite the problem with their eyes. Hopefully this will go away in the next 24-48 hours.