Herbs for Pets

Herbal Therapy is the use of therapeutic medicines derived from plants, animals, and substances occurring in the natural environment.

Herbs are used to move Qi as well as tonify Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are equal yet opposing forces that occur in all naturally occurring phenomena.

For instance, Yin corresponds to nighttime, cold, or resting of the body.

Yang, on the other hand, corresponds to daytime, heat, and activity of the body.

Whenever Yin or Yang becomes deficient or excessive, the balance of the body is lost, and disease results.

Herbs for pets are used to restore this natural balance.

The Western equivalent to Chinese herbs is pharmaceutical drugs, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines. Both Western drugs and Chinese herbs are prescribed based on a medical diagnosis.

Lately, Western herbals have become popular in the United States.

However, distinct differences exist between Western and Chinese herbs.

Western herbs are used in a singular form to treat symptoms of disease without a medical diagnosis.

Chinese herbs are often a formula or mixture of herbs prescribed according to a medical diagnosis.

Generally, in treating a patient, acupuncture is used in conjunction with herbal medicine.