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Learn How To Make An Energetically Neutral Dog Food

Cooking for your dog is an easy way to improve overall health, wellness, and longevity. In fact, you’ll be using food as medicine to help your dog live a longer, healthier life. The following recipe is for “energetically balanced” dogs. When I talk about energetic balance, I’m referring to subtle energy, your dog’s Yin and Yang. When Yin and Yang get out of balance, sickness and disease occur. By cooking at home, you’ll easily make sure your dog eats the right food to maintain proper energetic balance. Is Your Dog Energetically Balanced? A healthy, energetically balanced dog is mentally stable,

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Geriatric cat with low immune system

5 Effective Immune Boosters for Cats You Must Know

The following immune boosters for cats can help young and old alike, helping weak cats fight off infections like cats with more robust immune systems. And, giving healthy cats an even better edge on life. Our 5 Favorite Immune Boosters for Cats The immune system protects your cat’s body from outside invaders. Outside invaders include germs such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins. Your cat’s immune system consists of different organs, cells, and proteins that work together to destroy outside invaders. If your cat’s immune system isn’t functioning at total capacity, cat immune boosters help even the odds. 1. Sodium

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A cute pug dog wrapped in towel after being sprayed by a skunk.

How Do I Remove Skunk Smell?

When You Need to Remove Skunk Smell You hear your dog barking frantically in the backyard. You open the door to see what’s going on, and it hits you in the face like a steel shovel. SKUNK SPRAY! Yuck! Just what is skunk spray? Skunks have two glands on each side of the anus, similar to dog anal glands, called anal scent glands. Skunk anal scent glands produce oily sulfur-containing chemicals that create a nauseating odor. Believe it or not, skunks can spray a distance of fifteen feet or more! Skunk spray can be very difficult to remove from fur

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Dog standing on kayak

Dog Kayaking: Tips for A Fun and Safe Paddling Trip with Your Dog

Yes, You Can Take Your Dog Kayaking, Canoeing, and Stand Up Paddleboarding! Recreational paddling – that is kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding (aka SUP) – is exploding in population across the country. Of course, pet owners may be wondering, “Can I take my dog paddling?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!”  With these tips, you can take your dog kayaking, take your dog canoeing and take your dog SUPing. First Thing to Consider: Dog Temperament Okay, so we’re exciting that most dogs can jump in our boat or on our board and head off with us into the lake, but

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