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Picture of Hemp Plant for Pets

How Are CBD Oil, Cannabidiol, and Hemp Extract Used for Pets?

Do you know the facts regarding the use of CBD oil for pets and hemp extract? CBD oil and hemp extract oil are high in cannabinoids.  Scientists have discovered over 100 different cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Different cannabinoids interact with different receptors in the body producing a variety of different effects. Hemp extract oil may help with the following: Reduce anxiety Reduce nausea Increase appetite Reduce types of seizures Ease inflammation due to arthritis and pain Reduce dermatitis and other allergic reactions How Hemp Oil Works and The Endocannabinoid System Cannabinoid binding sites exist throughout the central nervous system and

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Picture of tired bulldog

11 Treatments for Managing Your Dog’s Arthritis

A dog’s arthritis can be crippling due to massive inflammation and bone growth in the joints. Dog Arthritis Symptoms Most older dogs suffer from arthritis. And, they almost all display the same, common symptoms. For example, some common arthritis symptoms include: Joint pain Stiffness Swelling Decreased range of motion Difficulty getting up The sad part is the fact symptoms worsen with age. And, almost all dogs suffer from arthritis as they age. So, what’s the good news? The good news is we have different options for helping arthritic dogs feel better. Dog Arthritis Treatments As mentioned earlier, we have many

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Dog at food bowl

How to Give Your Dog or Cat Oral Neoplasene Cancer Treatments

What is Oral Neoplasene? Oral Neoplasene is an herbal veterinary medication made of bloodroot extract, halogens, and water. In our clinic, the term “Neoplasene” is often interchanged with the term “Bloodroot”, because bloodroot is a much easier word for our clients to remember. In reality, Neoplasene is a derivative of bloodroot extract. Generic bloodroot extract will not provide the same benefits as veterinary Neoplasene. Neoplasene treats cancer by encouraging the death of diseased (cancer) cells, while not affecting healthy cells. Our clinic often uses oral Neoplasene as part of a customized cancer care plan. How to Give Your Dog or

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Dog scratching from allergies

How to Use Zyrtec for Dog Allergies and Itchy Skin

A dog suffering from allergies or itchy skin can feel restless and uncomfortable. In some cases, these pets may have a problem getting some shut-eye too. Giving your pet the right medication with the proper dosage is essential. A medicine called Zyrtec for dog allergies and itchy skin is safe and has proven successful in Many treatments over the years. If your dog suffers from any symptoms listed below, you might benefit from using Zyrtec for dog allergies. Zyrtec helps: seasonal allergy symptoms skin allergy symptoms itchy insect bites reactions to poison oak or poison ivy 0ther itchy, allergy-like situations

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Natural Medicines, an option for cushing's disease

Does Your Dog Have Cushing’s Disease? This Holistic Option Can Help!

Yes, You Can Naturally Help Your Dog’s Cushing’s Disease If your dog has Cushing’s disease, you can help naturally. Cushing’s disease, also called hyperadrenocorticism, is a disorder in which the adrenal gland produces too much cortisol. Anatomically, the triangular-shaped adrenal glands sit adjacent to the kidneys. The outer layer, called the cortex, primarily produces three hormones: Cortisol – regulates the metabolic activity and the immune system Aldosterone – blood pressure and water metabolism Sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone The inner layer, called the medulla, primarily produces two hormones: Epinephrine Norepinephrine Two Forms of Cushing’s Exist in Dogs There are

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