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Happy Dog After Mast Cell Treatment

Canine Mast Cell Tumor Treatment Information

A Canine Mast Cell Tumor Question for Dr. Smith How much does treatment cost? What is the success rate? Do the patients seem like they are in pain? Can I order the salve from you or do you have to see her first? Do you know of any other holistic vets closer to Louisville Ky? If I can’t order the salve from you where would you recommend me buying it from? How long do treatments last, how long does it take the slave to work and then heal? Do you need to see the patient first? Do you think it’s

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A happy dog receiving good veterinary medicine

Good Veterinary Medicine

I see and hear it all the time: “We practice good veterinary medicine!” Or, better yet: “Our practice is ‘high quality.’” When I was in veterinary school, the professors would all tell us: “Make sure you practice good, high quality veterinary medicine!” Every veterinary journal preaches about “good veterinary medicine.” At the time, I thought I knew what good veterinary medicine was. It meant running a bunch of tests, client communication, and alleviating animal pain and suffering. Or even worse, it meant following the standards set in human medicine. Right? No, wrong!! After years of experience, I now know what defines good

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Dog being examined for bone statis treatment

Bone Stasis Helps Spurs & Calcium Deposits in Dogs, Cats & Horses

What is Bone Stasis? Bone Stasis is a TCVM herbal blend that helps spurs, bone swelling and calcium deposits in dogs, cats, and horses.  It can be a very helpful treatment for animals with bone spurs, chips, and osteosclerosis. The Western Medical indications for Bone Stasis are: Bone spur or chip Bone swelling Calcium over-deposit Osteophyte Osteosclerosis Ringbone Eastern veterinary medicine looks at animal health challenges differently than Western veterinary medicine does. The Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine indications for Bone Stasis are: Wiry, fast pulse Stasis and stagnation in the bones Purple tongue Warnings: Bone Stasis should not be used

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Little Girl Loving On a Dog With Cushing's

Melatonin and Lignans Treatment for Atypical Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

In my clinic, the melatonin and lignans treatment is quite effective for dogs with Cushing’s disease and atypical Cushing’s. Cushing’s Disease, aka  Hyperadrenocorticism (HAC), is a disorder common to geriatric dogs. Sometimes, a dog has the classic signs of Cushing’s disease in physical symptoms and standard blood tests, but still has a normal response to specific Cushing’s tests.  When this happens, the diagnosis is Atypical Cushing’s Disease. Melatonin and Lignans Dosing for Atypical Cushing’s Disease in Dogs When a dog suffers from Atypical Cushing’s Disease, our clinic recommends a natural and holistic protocol. This protocol consists of supplementation with melatonin

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A Picture of Large Mix Breed Dog having Prolotherapy for Partial Acl Tears

Prolotherapy for Partial ACL Tears in Large Mix Breed Dogs

From the Desk of Dr. Marc Smith… A Question for the Doctor: I have a 110-pound mix breed (Border Collie/St. Bernard) who was diagnosed with a partial tear of his left ACL. I have been treating Kody with conservative management for the past several months and it has been moderately successful but I was wondering if the prolotherapy could be another option for him to speed him on the road to recovery. I do not want to have the TPLO surgery and I do not believe that the tightrope surgery is a viable option for Kody either. Dr. Smith’s Reply:

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Cat Being Treated For Lymphocyte T Cell

Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator FeLV and FIV Treatment

Our clinic has recently started offering the Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator FeLV and FIV treatment to our clients with cats suffering from Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline Aids (FIV). What is the Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator FeLV and FIV Treatment? The Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator FeLV and FIV treatment is a USDA-approved treatment for FeLV and FIV and the associated symptoms of: Anemia Granulocytopenia Lymphopenia Opportunistic Infection Thrombocytopenia How Does it Work? Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator is a naturally-occurring, immune-modulating protein that will help to restore a cat’s ability to fight infection. This injection eliminates impaired CD4 lymphocytes (infection-fighting, specialized white blood cells) and

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