TILLY: A Patient Success Story for Laser Therapy, Adequan, and Legend IV Injections

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Tilly is an Australian Cattle Dog that shows in agility who had undergone Laser Therapy, Adequan, and Legend IV Injections.

Recently, Tilly experienced a back injury and her owner was concerned that it would be too painful for her to run the agility courses.

She visited our clinic, and Dr. Smith recommended a protocol of Laser Therapy, Adequan, and Legend IV injections.

Tilly is progressing quite well and was recently able to compete in a herding event.

She had not yet completely finished her treatment protocol when she placed in all of these events!

The awards pictured are from a herding event in Birdsboro, PA.

Tilly trialed last Friday through Sunday Advanced Cattle (2nd, 2nd, 1st) and Advanced Ducks (1st, 2nd,1st). She finished 4th high Advanced Dog on Friday and was Reserve High in Trial both Saturday and Sunday with 100 entries each day.

Tilly earned her Advanced Cattle Title and will get Masters Advanced Course (A Duck title.) She arrived in PA with just 1 point toward her AKC Herding Championship title and collected another 11 points and just needs 3 more points to finish this title.

Tilly will continue her treatment protocol and training. Her goal is to complete the AKC Herding Championship title in upcoming trials in MO, VA, and back to PA thru May and June.


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