Free Dog Arthritis Ebook: Learn How to Help Your Dog’s Arthritis

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DOES YOUR DOG SUFFER FROM ARTHRITIS? Get Your Free Dog Arthritis Ebook and Learn How to Help Your Best Friend Feel Better Easy At-Home Things to Try – Written by Holistic TCVM Veterinarians For A Limited Time Only – Free Instant Download GET YOUR FREE COPY TODAY Dog Arthritis 101: Make Your Dog Feel Better […]

4 Meds That Wipe Out Dog Arthritis Pain

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A Few Facts About Dog Arthritis Did you know dog arthritis: Is #1 cause of chronic pain in dogs Affects 20% of dogs over 1 year of age Affects both quality and length of life Is in the “Top 10” veterinary diagnoses for dogs over 7 years old In addition, at least 31% of dog […]

Acupuncture for Dog Arthritis Pain?

. People often ask me if acupuncture will help dogs suffering from arthritis pain. This is a great question! I treat dogs suffering from arthritis daily, and most of these cases have already been treated with conventional medicine. Because I practice a great deal of alternative medicine, I think people expect something special in my […]

Dog Arthritis Treatments

Western Dog Arthritis Treatments I see and treat arthritis all the time. So let me give you a brief overview of the most common dog arthritis treatments. In this post, there is no way to cover all of the treatments. So I will just touch on a few so that you know there are more […]

Adequan Dog Arthritis & Injury Treatment

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11 Treatments for Managing Your Dog’s Arthritis

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A dog’s arthritis can be crippling due to massive inflammation and bone growth in the joints. Dog Arthritis Symptoms Most older dogs suffer from arthritis. And, they almost all display the same, common symptoms. For example, some common arthritis symptoms include: Joint pain Stiffness Swelling Decreased range of motion Difficulty getting up The sad part […]