How Are CBD Oil, Cannabidiol, and Hemp Extract Used for Pets?

Picture of Hemp Plant for Pets

Do you know the facts regarding the use of CBD oil for pets and hemp extract? CBD oil and hemp extract oil are high in cannabinoids.  Scientists have discovered over 100 different cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Different cannabinoids interact with different receptors in the body producing a variety of different effects. Hemp extract oil may […]

11 Treatments for Managing Your Dog’s Arthritis

Picture of tired bulldog

A dog’s arthritis can be crippling due to massive inflammation and bone growth in the joints. Dog Arthritis Symptoms Most older dogs suffer from arthritis. And, they almost all display the same, common symptoms. For example, some common arthritis symptoms include: Joint pain Stiffness Swelling Decreased range of motion Difficulty getting up The sad part […]

How to Inject Glucosamine for Dogs

Dog ready for injection

How to Inject Glucosamine for Dogs Dog glucosamine injections are prescription medication that is injected into your dog’s muscle and then preferentially absorbed by inflamed joints. Glucosamine injections lubricate and soothe the joints, which reduces friction. When friction is reduced, pain and inflammation are reduced. Instead of simply masking pain as NSAIDs do, glucosamine injections […]

4 Meds That Wipe Out Dog Arthritis Pain

Geriatric dog with arthritis

A Few Facts About Dog Arthritis Did you know dog arthritis: Is #1 cause of chronic pain in dogs Affects 20% of dogs over 1 year of age Affects both quality and length of life Is in the “Top 10” veterinary diagnoses for dogs over 7 years old In addition, at least 31% of dog […]

Loranthus Formula Helps Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease in Dogs

Loranthus Formula for Pet Arthritis

What is Loranthus Formula? Loranthus Formula is a TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) herbal blend that helps arthritis, chronic joint pain, and degenerative joint disease in dogs, cats, and horses. The Western Medical indications for Loranthus Formula are: Arthritis Chronic joint pain Degenerative joint disease (DJD) Hip dysplasia Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) Rheumatism. Eastern looks […]