How to Give Your Dog or Cat Oral Neoplasene Cancer Treatments

Dog at food bowl

What is Oral Neoplasene? Oral Neoplasene is an herbal veterinary medication made of bloodroot extract, halogens, and water. In our clinic, the term “Neoplasene” is often interchanged with the term “Bloodroot”, because bloodroot is a much easier word for our clients to remember. In reality, Neoplasene is a derivative of bloodroot extract. Generic bloodroot extract […]

Eight Treasures Herbal Blend Helps Weakness and Immunodeficiency in Dogs, Cats & Horses

Herbal blend

What is the Eight Treasures Herbal Blend? Eight Treasures is a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) herbal blend that treats weakness and immunodeficiency in dogs, cats, and horses. The Western Medical indications for this herbal blend are general weakness and immunodeficiency in dogs, cats, and horses. The Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine indications are Fatigue General […]

Max’s Formula and Wei Qi Booster Combo for Tumors and Benign Masses in Dogs

Smiling Dog on Wei Qi Booster

A Question for Dr. Smith About Benign Masses and Tumors in Dogs Dr. Smith’s Reply:What if My Dog’s Masses and Tumors are Not Benign? You might not be aware, but many cancer-fighting tools are easy to get and use at home.    To realize your true cancer-fighting potential:   Learn more about dog cancer.   Ease your dog’s […]

Canine Mast Cell Tumor Treatment Information

Happy Dog After Mast Cell Treatment

A Canine Mast Cell Tumor Question for Dr. Smith How much does treatment cost? What is the success rate? Do the patients seem like they are in pain? Can I order the salve from you or do you have to see her first? Do you know of any other holistic vets closer to Louisville Ky? […]

Treating Tumors & Lumps with Max’s Formula in Dogs, Cats & Horses

Picture of Fomula that Can Treat Tumors and Lumps

What is Max’s Formula? Max’s Formula is a TCM herbal blend used to help with tumors and lumps on dogs, cats, and horses. The Western Medical indications for this herbal blend are fatty tumors, lumps, nodules, and skin masses on old or weak animals. The Traditional Chinese Medicine indications for this herbal blend are Blood […]

Stasis Breaker Helps With Tumors in Dogs, Cats and Horses

A Picture of Some Statis Breaker for Tumors in Pets

What is Stasis Breaker? Stasis Breaker is a TCM herbal blend that often helps pets suffering from: Neoplasia Nodules Tumors Will Stasis Breaker Help My Pet? Stasis Breaker is one of Dr. Smith’s top choices for dogs suffering from cancerous tumors. The Western medical indications for Stasis Breaker are: Internal abnormal masses Lumps Nodules Traditional […]