Er Chen San: Number 1 Powerful Phlegm Formula


Once patterns such as dampness and phlegm are present, the body moves out of balance little by little. When left untreated, these patterns progress into various diseases. If this is the current situation for your pet, looking into Herbsmith Er Chen San may do wonders for them. Chinese medical practitioners studied the curative formula and […]

Ultimate Phlegm Solution: Herbsmith Rx Di Tan San for Pets

Di Tan San

Phlegm, when we have it, is a simple enough reason to spoil our day. Your pets more so, especially when all they can do is look at you with pleading eyes, begging for treatment. If only they could tell you what’s wrong. You can look out for signs like wet, phlegmy cough and, with your […]

How to Effectively Alleviate Dog Neck Pain in 4 Easy Steps


Dog neck pain may seem mild and treatable on its own given a few days, but it can also signal a life-threatening emergency. Neck pain in dogs is a common symptom of conditions such as inner ear infections, cervical injuries, soft tissue injuries, and especially spinal disorders. Dog neck pains are not as simple as […]

Treatments for Hyperthyroidism in Cats: 4 Simple Options that Actually Work


There are a few different treatments for hyperthyroidism in cats. This condition is the result of overactive thyroid glands. It’s very common and frequently affects older cats between 10 – 13 years of age. Cats with hyperthyroidism tend to burn energy too fast, which leads to weight loss even though they eat more and have […]

7 Powerful Benefits of MCT Powder for Pets


Dubbed as an emerging Ayurvedic wonder, MCT powder is making headlines in the pet supplement industry. This animal-loving supplement, such as Ayuverda’s Pet CoCurcumin MCT powder, promotes optimal health in your fur baby. While already popular for humans, recent discoveries show MCT products have positive effects on a dog’s brain, heart, digestive tract, and nervous […]

No. 1 Super Remedy for Dog Restlessness


Endless panting, pacing, and unsettled behavior. It’s easy to spot when your dog is restless. And naturally, as a concerned pet owner, you quickly browse through the internet for a natural remedy for dog restlessness. Then, the anxiety sets in. We are familiar with the feeling. You know your pet’s normal behavior, and you are […]