How Are CBD Oil, Cannabidiol, and Hemp Extract Used for Pets?

Picture of Hemp Plant for Pets

Do you know the facts regarding the use of CBD oil for pets and hemp extract? CBD oil and hemp extract oil are high in cannabinoids.  Scientists have discovered over 100 different cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Different cannabinoids interact with different receptors in the body producing a variety of different effects. Hemp extract oil may […]

Dog ACL Surgery: 6 Important Things to Consider

Dog ACL Surgery: 6 Important Things to Consider

What is Dog ACL Surgery? Dog ACL surgery or otherwise known as canine cruciate surgery is a very stressful and expensive endeavor for dog owners. Veterinarians use ACL surgery to repair a torn cranial cruciate ligament in your dog’s knee. Nobody likes to see a beloved family member in pain! And, of course, you have questions. […]

What You Need to Know After Your Dog has ACL Surgery

Dog after ACL surgery

 Bringing your dog home after ACL surgery can be a daunting experience! ACL surgery is a significant operation.  The incision and stitches appear painful, and your dog may seem sluggish and “out of it.” How do you know what is normal and what is not normal? Is there anything special you can do to make […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Dog ACL Surgery

Dog with injured leg

Having Trouble With A Dog ACL Injury? Caring for a dog with an ACL injury can be a daunting experience! Specialists chant “Surgery! Surgery!” as your dog limps and your wallet screams in pain. Make sure you do your research–you may have more options than you originally considered! #1 Your Dog May Not Need Surgery […]

How to Inject Glucosamine for Dogs

Dog ready for injection

How to Inject Glucosamine for Dogs Dog glucosamine injections are prescription medication that is injected into your dog’s muscle and then preferentially absorbed by inflamed joints. Glucosamine injections lubricate and soothe the joints, which reduces friction. When friction is reduced, pain and inflammation are reduced. Instead of simply masking pain as NSAIDs do, glucosamine injections […]