Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment

apocaps dog cancer treatmentWhat is the Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment?

The Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment is a nutraceutical supplement designed by Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM, The author of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.

The Apocaps dog cancer treatment an apoptogen formula made with natural ingredients.  Apoptogens  help induce apoptosis, which is what scientists call “programmed cell death”. It is the way in which normal cells die to make way for the new cells needed to replenish a healthy body.

Unhealthy cells which do not experience apoptosis divide over and over again without dying. They keep proliferating without undergoing natural cell death, creating a condition we call cancer.

The theory behind the Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment is that the ingredients in the supplements will induce apoptosis, and by doing so help prevent and treat cancer.

Watch a Video About the Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment

Watch a Video Showing Apoptosis


 Active Ingredients in the Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment

The Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment is made of plants that have naturally occurring molecules that support apoptosis when introduced into the living body. The apoptogens in the forumla are luteolin, apigenin, curcumin, silymarin, beta-glucans, and gingerols.

The active ingredients used in the production of the Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment are Vitamin C, Lecithin Powder, Rutin, Peanut Hull, L-Glutamine, Apigenin, Taurine, Zinc Oxide, Ginger Root Extract, Milk Thistle Seed Extract, Turmeric Root Extract, and Magnesium Oxide.

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Results of the Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment

The manufacturer states that the life quality increases have been seen in the majority of the dogs using the Apocaps dog cancer treatment. Some experience results within a week, some take up to 3-4 weeks. Overall the effects have been increased vitality, activity, and vigor.

Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment Warnings, Side Effects, and Signs of Overdosage

The manufacturer has not had reports of any toxic effects to the Apocaps dog cancer treatment.  The product should be taken with a small amount of food to reduce possible gastrointestinal upset. This product should not be used in dogs with allergic reactions to any of the ingredients in Apocaps.

The Apocaps dog cancer treatment should not be used in dogs experiencing anorexia, vomiting, or diarrhea. Dogs weighing less than 5 lbs should not use the standard sized Apocaps. Safety has not been established for pregnant, nursing or breeding dogs, or dogs with kidney or liver disease. Safety has not been established for dogs less than 6 months of age or diabetic dogs.

Using the Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment in Our Clinic

As of yet, we have not used the Apocaps Dog Cancer Treatment in our clinic. One of our clients is beginning a program utilizing Apocaps along with K9 Immunity within the next couple weeks.

Please check back, we will be updating with results soon!

A special thank-you to our client, Tammy Gentry, who recommended we research this product!

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  1. Stacey says

    Our dog was just diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in the early stages. I have done lots of research and was also going to start using the Apocaps along with a fully home-made diet also recommended by the same Doctor. Do you yet have any updates on the results Tammy has seen with this product?

    • says

      Tammy is using the Apocaps for a different tumor-Transitional Cell Carcinoma of bladder. In her case, so far so good; however, osteosarcoma behaves differently than TCC.

      • Maria Angelozzi says

        MY Dog was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma needless to say since that time I went into complete devastation.

        I am trying so hard to find the healthiest natural products to get her on and it is all so overwhelming forme. I have her right now on 4life Transfer Factor Plus Human consumption and Curcumin and several other things I am trying.

        Can you please tell me, do these Apocaps affect other medications or is it bad to put her on these while on the other things I have going? Please help me, to help my dog. 🙁

  2. Al says

    My dog was just diagnosed with TCC tumor in the nasal cavity and I am planning on following the recommendations in the book. I was wondering how Tammy is doing on the Apocaps. Is she also getting treated with any of the forms of Neoplasene too?

  3. Al says

    Just wondering how Keke is doing?

    Here is an update on my dog K2. K2 is an 8yo 120lb lean Black Lab. He had a bulge on his snout and in the roof of the mouth on 3/3. 2 tumors removed for biopsy 3/5. 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.6cm Sinus and 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.2cm Nasal. Both TCC. So far, there are no signs of recurrence. Time will tell. Head x-rays are expensive since they have to be put under.

    K2 is getting Piroxicam (an NSAID per the oncologist) and 1000mg Calcium Carbonate to protect the stomach with the AM meal and 3 Apocaps (reduced due to the Piroxicam) at midnight with 5mg Melatonin. He is on Blue Buffalo Wild Duck / Chicken (2c) with toppings of 3/8c of cooked Broccoli & Cauliflower mix and 1/4c Budwig mix (4:1 Cottage Cheese / Flax Oil blended. High Bioavailability of Omega 3 fatty acids), K9 Immunity Plus, Pet Tab, 1000mg Fish Oil capsule at each meal. Yunnan Baiyo as needed for redness in discharge or post op bleeding.

    A recent visit with an alternative / conventional vet here in Cinci added MycoSurge (medical mushrooms) to the diet as well.

    We are also experimenting with the addition of a different protocol of Lactoferrin, Sea Buckthorn (Omega 7), Cordyceps and Yunnan Baiyo as part of the daily plan.

    I am keeping Neoplasene on the back burner for now.

    Appreciate any thoughts.

    • says

      KeKe is doing great! She was taken to a specialist in KY to see if she was a candidate for laser surgery, but was told that it would be better for her to continue the protocol she was currently on utilizing the supplements and the tuberculin bladder wash treatments. Recent ultrasounds have showed that the tumor has not progressed, so it appears that the treatments have slowed the progression a great deal or possibly even halted it. Keke has already surpassed her original life expectancy by over a year, and is currently utilizing the supplements and tuberculin bladder wash once every three weeks. A cancer protocol of Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, put together by Dr. Tom Cameron DVM of Standard Process, was also incorporated into the treatment.

  4. Terri Lohman says

    My Golden Retriever was diagnosed with lymphoma sept of 2011. He received the full Wisconsin protocol and apocaps and k-9 immunity.
    Unfortunately we lost him 3 weeks ago but to pulmonary hypertension not cancer. To our knowledge he was cancer free at time of death.
    I recommend Apocaps to anyone who has a dog with cancer. It’s a little pricey but pets are family members. I don’t regret the money spent at all.

    Terri Lohman

    • Bri says

      What type of lymphoma? Our 9yo amer bulldog has GI T cell lymphoma, its a rare and more aggressive type than the B cell and we havent come across anyone with the same. It would be nice to find someone who has ha experience with this type. She on the same chemo protocol and were looking for other avenues to keep her healthy.

  5. Debra says

    Hi. Does this help with mast cell tumors? I have a 11 yo chow mix. Less than three weeks after third surgery of a grade three we have another site which had been dormant. Treating with steroid shots and Chinese herbs. Is this similar to the herbs?

  6. Scott Annis says

    We have a Border Terrier with B-cell Lymphoma, we put him through the CSU CHOP therapy and about 7 months of chemo and our small English buddy is doing very well, four months since the end of the therapy and he is doing very well, we also added the Apocaps to his diet after the chemo. All has gone well, but we noticed him to me a bit tired on the Apocaps. His energy popped back after being off the Apos, not sure if they helped or not but man his energy is high and back in agility running hard. He really acts more like a puppy than a 10 year old 18 pound BT.

    Keep in there, we are at about one year since diagnosing him and it was an easy decision going through the chemo, we would do it again if necessary. Life is precious, do what you can.

  7. claudia says

    Our beautiful 80lb dog was diagnosed with a large abdominal mass (probable sarcoma)in November 2013- (hystotype undetermined)since the aspheric came back inconclusive.
    The tumor is located in the upper part of his lower back, although they have mentioned the word cancer, they have not been able to determine what kind. The tumor is large(inoperable) and pressing on his large intestine and color. We just finished 6 doses of palliative radiation at NC State, but according to the Vet the tumor did not reduce by a lot. I have been feeding him the high protein diet recommended by the dog cancer survival guide (with “fresh digest” enzymes), complemented by a mixture of nutra-plus, and low residue dog food . He is also taking 150 mg/daily of caprofen (given by his vet), and I’m giving him Omega 3 (3600 mg/daily) and Nuvet Plus. God bless his heart he is in good spirits, and very happy…we feel that the special diet combined with the digestive enzymes have helped him “tremendously” to lessen the straining, but not sure about the Nuvet Plus ( that he is already taking)—or should I change to the Apocaps? Thank you for your time and tis wonderful service.

  8. Don Bellaire, Sr. says

    Dear Dr. Smith,

    I notice many favorable reactions to Apocaps, YET, there was one report
    stating that Apocaps has a “soy bean” extract that would INCREASE growth
    rate of tumors, thus Apocaps is NOT a good choice? Your thought.
    My dog recently diagnosis of a 2.5 mass, probably cancerous on lower portion of heart. In-operatible prognosis few days to few weeks. 2nd opinion holistic vet placed Rosie on Max’s formula, CoQ10, Vit A, Cod Liver Oil, Fish Oil, and home cooking…..chicken, sweet potato. Your thoughts, Thank you, your comments are greatly appreciated. DWB

    • says

      Soy in Apocaps is not an issue! There is not enough to matter.
      I agree with your veterinarian on the recommendations. good luck with the treatment!!

  9. Cali says

    Our 8 year old Shih Tzu, Bailey was recently diagnose with grade II TCC (bladder cancer). We are currently on 1ml of Piroxicam/day, and I recenly bought Apocaps. Before I start, what is the recommended dosage when using Piroxicam?

        • says

          Hi Al, thanks for writing. When you purchase apocaps, the bottle will contain a “dosage by weight” chart. If you follow the dosing instructions in accordance with your pet’s weight, your pet will be receiving the correct dosage. Any other specific questions can be directed to the Apocaps team at http://apocaps.com/contact/

          • Al H. says

            Thanks for the reply. My comment was in reference to Apocaps dosage while using Piroxicam. You cited 0.4mg/kg. For my 120lb (54kg) dog, that is under 22mg or 1/18th of a capsule. So I figured something isn’t right with your posting (missing digit).

            • says

              From the Apocaps Website: We recommend reducing the dose of Apocaps to a half or quarter dose if you are using prednisone or any NSAIDs. Or, if preferred by your veterinarian, you could reduce the dose of the prednisone, prednisolone or NSAID to half or quarter dose, instead. We also recommend giving Apocaps with a full meal in these cases.

  10. Stacy says

    Our 4 year old Australian Shepherd was just diagnosed with Lymphoma and will be given the Wisconsin Protocol. Can Apocaps be given while she is recieving chemotherapy?

  11. LIat says

    Hiya- question regarding use of Apocaps – my 12.5 yr old golden mix is on rimadyl after her osa diagnosis. she will go in for amputation (back leg) on the 21st.can i start her on apocaps while still on rimadyl?

  12. Pattie says

    My Rosey has lymphoma diagnosed on March 22, 2013. Received Chop Protocal, a maintenance protocol of Cyclophosmide/Prednisone, rescue drug L-asparginase. Developed pancreatitis and Live enzymes increased after the L-asparginase. Received IV fluids and vitamins. X-rays show enlarged pancreas. Has received one treatment of rescue drug Lomustine. Had treatment 3 weeks ago and due to receive another treatment next week. Liver enzymes and pancreatitis enzymes are still elevated. She is on 10 mg. prenisone in am and 10 mg /pm. Can She take a reduced dose of Apocaps??? I have the Apocaps and K9 Immunity but since her enzymes are elevated I’m not sure if I should give her the Apocaps. Please advise.

  13. Yvette Pape says

    Hi my 6 year old blue nose pitbull was diagnosed with a low grade mast cell tumor which had already been removed. I ordered k9 immunity which should be here tomorrow and I am switching to a home made diet based on cancer diets and low histamine diet. Should I also be giving her apocaps? I’m confused on it and if it’s the same or something different then k9 immunity plus? We have an appt tomorrow for X-rays and bloodwork to see if we got it all or if it had spread so I can ask my vet what she thinks but just wondering what anyone else thought? I want to do anything and everything to get rid of this for good and get my healthy dog back if it all possible as she was just healthy and tumor free 3 months ago!! Any response is much appreciated. Thank you!



  14. michelle says

    my 85 lb GSD has oral squamous cell cancer. will start him on piroxicam 1ml once a day tomorrow. i also have apocaps. planning on buying the K9 immunity as well. what dosage do you recommend for the apocaps and the k9 imunity pills? what time of the day is best ? thanks very much

  15. Heidi Fielder says

    We have a dog who was diagnosed with cancer on back leg. He is a saint bernard 7 years old.
    Ways 145 lbs. Does this help a dog who has cancer or ones who have had chemotherapy or tumor removed.

  16. Paul says

    Hello there,

    My 11 year old GSD has just been diagnosed with cancer of the anal glands. This has spread to his lymph nodes and chest. He seems fine in himself and he is starting chemo tomorrow. I’m going to put him on Origen red salmon fish food, give him purified water and was going to give him 3grma per day of l-glutamine, arginine and Leucine half with his morning feed and the other half with his evening feed. Would you suggest also adding in apocaps during his chemo? Anything else I can buy that we help? Thank you in advance!

  17. Lisa Wuriu says

    Hi, my dog recently had an 8 cm tumor removed from his lung (the surgeon took out 2 lobes.) The CT scan did not show any cancer in the lymph nodes or elsewhere. The tumor was sent for analysis-it is a high grade bronchial alveolar carcinoma. Can Apocaps help stop this kind of cancer from recurring/spreading? Thanks! Lisa

    • says

      Lung tumors can be tough! I would consult an Eastern practitioner in your area. Specifically regarding Apocaps, I have not used Apocaps for lung tumors so i cannot say with certainty. However, i don’t think it would cause any harm.