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Marc Smith, DVM - Holistic Veterinarian in Nashville TN

Dr. Marc Smith

For starters, my main craft is practicing individualized, innovative veterinary medicine to solve problems, deliver results and make your pet feel better.

I am a progressive veterinarian continually searching for the best way to treat your pets.

But here’s the thing, veterinary medicine faces two almost insurmountable problems:

  • Standardization
  • Excessive pharmaceuticals

When I say standardization, I am referring to the fact that the majority of treatment and prevention strategies follow the book. They are the same no matter what veterinarian you choose.

By too many pharmaceuticals, what I mean is that throwing a myriad of drugs at the problem seldom works and can even harm your pet.

You see good veterinary medicine demands the ability to change and be open-minded to the vast array of problems encountered each and every day.

To overcome these problems, I practice with a straightforward philosophy.

First, I focus on the presenting problems and the problems most pressing to your pet.

Then, my focus changes to you, the pet parent. Our communication—what you want and your expectations — are paramount to a successful treatment.

Finally, so you don’t feel trapped, you are offered options and you make the decision.

Isn’t it nice to be in control?

Why do I practice the way I do?

Every day, people ask me this question

Yet, a better way to put it might be: “Why do you incorporate alternative medicine into your practice?”

Let me start by saying I practiced straight-up, traditional veterinary medicine for ten years. I did it all and had the good fortune to be mentored by some of the best veterinarians ever to practice in the Volunteer State.

In fact, a large part of my practice today includes Western veterinary medicine and a variety of tactics taught to me by my mentors.

But, clients ask questions and demand answers. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know all the answers. Many pets, therefore, I could not help.

Much to my dismay and definitely due to my ignorance, I fell into the trap of assuming that if I didn’t learn it in vet school, it must not work.

I was wrong.

So, I did what I now preach.

I changed.

I went back to school to learn the answers for myself.

And after ten years and many hours of classroom study, I am now equipped with the skills to treat pets more efficiently, more effectively, and ultimately better.

Even if I chose not to use alternative veterinary medicine techniques in my practice, I am definitely a better practitioner and veterinarian because I know the options and techniques. When people ask questions, they deserve credible answers.

Non-traditional veterinary techniques have forced me to become a better communicator, a more critical thinker, and a more meticulous diagnostician.

And that’s why I practice the way I do!

Here’s what people say about my practice:

Before meeting Dr. Marc Smith, I had a difficult time finding a vet I could relate to and trust with my animals’ health.

The unique thing about him is that he seeks the underlying cause and then works toward bringing the animal back into a state of health. I love his comprehensive and practical approach that includes the importance of diet, management, and exercise.

I turn to Dr. Smith when I need advice and help with my horses. I also happily recommend him to my clients.

-Dale Rudin, Franklin, TN

Dr. Marc Smith and his staff are so caring! I drive over an hour just to see Dr. Smith.

His knowledge of both Western and Eastern medicine is very useful to keep my dog Sherman in the best health. I would definitely recommend this practice to everyone!

-Cheri Bauer, Lebanon, TN

We absolutely love coming here with our two little dogs.

Dr. Smith takes the time to give our puppies attention and really cares about their overall health. Our Yorkie Hope was walking around poorly and was very lethargic.

Dr. Smith did an x-ray on her back and found that she had swallowed the metal cover of an earbud from our headphones.

Dr. Smith was able to remove the metal piece through her throat without doing invasive surgery, and she is getting better every day.

Even more than that, the whole practice calls and checks on us, they are great with follow-up, and they text us to see how the puppies are doing.

We really appreciate the service and care and will refer all of our friends!

-Michelle Cieslak, Hermitage, TN

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