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Keeping your pet’s teeth clean prevents life-threatening organ dysfunction.
Imaging capabilities to obtain an accurate and certain diagnosis.
A simple non-invasive way to gather a biopsy and procure a diagnosis.
From simple to complex, we provide all types of surgical expertise.
In house testing and outside lab support giving the most accurate results.
Geriatric pets require diligent use of pharmaceuticals and options for natural care!
Dr. Smith is co-founder of PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products, a TCVM food therapy company. We can teach you how to use food as medicine for optimum pet health.
Also known as “eastern massage,” these techniques can easily be learned by YOU for at-home care. We’ll teach you the basics.

Many times the best choice for your pet is one that costs less, does no harm and carries no risk.

Just another option for pain relief when your pet needs more help or you want to give a little more.

Help muscle pain, arthritis, and general soreness with simple, effective manual therapies.

Just another simple, gentle, non-invasive way to support pain and chronic disease in your pet.

An injection technique giving long-lasting stimulation to acupuncture points.

A great option for cruciate disease and eliminating pain from arthritis.

Alternative approaches alone or with traditional medicine provide hope for pets with cancer.

Progressive treatments helping a variety of chronic pet diseases.

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Consultations include a comprehensive examination and Eastern, Western, and Alternative analysis of your pet’s specific health situation.

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