Luna the Great Pyrenees – Pet of The Week

Luna Great Pyrenees - Natchez Trace Veterinary Services Pet of the Week

Meet Luna!

Luna is a 5-month-old Great Pyrenees puppy whose mom, Christina, submitted for our Pet of the Week. Luna has been visiting Natchez Trace Veterinary Services since she was a wee puppy and she is growing rapidly. As you can tell from her stunning poses in her photos, she is a big girl. Her current weight is around 54 lbs.

A Little More About The Great Pyrenees Breed & Luna:

Great Pyrenees were originally bred to watch over flocks in steep, mountainous regions, thus giving this breed a combination of strength and agility. The thick, fluffy coat is a combination of two coats: the first being a woolly and dense undercoat with the flat, coarse outer coat that is weather resistant. They have a smart, patient and calm temperament. Males can grow up 100 lbs, females up to 85 lbs and they can stand as high as 32 inches at the shoulder!

Great Pyrenees are loyal and devoted pets. They can be mistrustful of strangers, but Luna is definitely an exception to the rule when it comes to meeting strangers. Luna is very friendly and welcoming when you first meet her. She may intimidate you with her large size, but you only need to talk sweet to her and she is like melted chocolate in your hand: ooey, gooey and oh so sweet! Her mom also tells us that Luna has never met a stranger and is the sweetest girl there ever was. This breed is very gentle and protective towards children and its family. As you can see in the photos, Luna loves to snuggle with her big brothers!


Being as Luna is still a puppy she loves to do puppy things, such as chewing and digging holes. Her favorite fun things to do are snuggling with all her human brothers and her momma, playing with her favorite toy, a farting hedgehog, and going for car rides

We can see from the pictures that Luna’s mom submitted that she loves to pose and take pictures. She loves to jump in on the family photo a time or two. Luna doesn’t mind going to the dog park and hanging out with her doggy friends for a time either.
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Thank you to Christina for submitting Miss Luna and we wish you all the best!