Post Surgery Rehabilitation for Dogs: Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Post Surgery Rehabilitation for Dogs
Reasons Post Surgery Rehabilitation for Dogs is Important

Following a major surgery such as Cruciate Ligament Surgery, it is mandatory that physical therapy be instituted immediately. A post surgery rehabilitation protocol is highly recommended to ensure that your dog heals properly and achieves the maximum range of motion and flexibility possible for its particular situation. Good post surgical rehab can be the difference in whether or not the surgery is successful.

Video Showing Post Surgery Rehabilitation for Dogs: Cruciate Ligament Surgery

This video will show you how to perform post surgery rehabilitation exercises for a dog that has undergone Cruciate Ligament Surgery. This exercise should be started 24 hours after surgery. It WILL hurt!! Your dog’s knee will be painful. Do NOT get bit!! This video shows you a simple, straightforward range of motion exercise.

The biggest problem owners have is how aggressive they should pursue this post-surgical rehabilitation. My answer is these exercises should be done as much as you can do them, but minimally three times per day take the limb through the full range of motion that your pet will allow.

In other words, flex and extend the limb to the point of pain then stop. Each day you should be able to get a little bit further.

By following these rehabilitation recommendations, you will see a dramatic improvement in return to function, maintenance of muscle mass, and ultimately a better outcome from the surgical procedure.

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