9 Powerful Holistic Veterinary Medicine Options

9 Holistic Veterinary Medicine Options in Nashville, TN

Just what is Holistic Veterinary Medicine?

Good question!

By definition, the term “holistic” means “relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than analysis, treatment or dissection into different parts.

We treat pets as “whole” beings:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit


Just like people.

Holistic veterinary medicine treats an animal’s body, mind, and spirit. Some think it’s crazy… we know it works!

Our holistic veterinary medicine philosophy stems from a combination of Eastern medicine and alternative therapies.

Holistic Veterinary Medicine Options

According to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), your pet’s body is an integrated whole.

Your pet’s body is a remarkable interconnected system; every structure plays a crucial role in their well-being.

Just like their mind, emotions, and spirit, the physical structures within your pet work together harmoniously, fueled by Qi, the life force or energy.

This holistic approach to veterinary medicine views your pet’s body as a complete and intricate entity, emphasizing the importance of every aspect of its health and vitality.

Your Pet Is Completely Connected to Nature

Your pet’s body is a living reflection of nature’s changes.

In TCVM, the focus is on understanding how nature intertwines with the signals your pet exhibits.

Eastern medicine considers various aspects:

  • Particular seasons
  • Geographical locations
  • Time of day
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Condition of the body
  • And more!


Holistic veterinary medicine aims to uncover the underlying causes behind your pet’s health concerns.

Did you know that your pet possesses an innate ability to self-heal?

Yes, your pet’s body continuously communicates vital clues about their well-being.

Sadly, many pet parents tend to overlook subtle hints until more serious issues arise.

Eastern Medicine empowers you to decipher the messages encoded within your pet’s body, helping you better understand their health needs.

Alternative Therapies

Have you ever wondered about treatments beyond the traditional medical approaches?

“Alternative medicine” refers to these unconventional therapies that stand apart from mainstream practices.

Some call these methods “integrative” or “complementary medicine.”

Essentially, it’s embracing the holistic approach in veterinary care.

Did you know? According to WebMD, around 40% of adults in the United States incorporate some form of alternative medicine into their health routines.

In our holistic veterinary medicine practice, we’ve witnessed the remarkable benefits of alternative pet therapies.

They’re not just for humans—our furry friends also reap immense advantages from these approaches!

The Holistic Veterinary Medicine Approach

Animal Acupuncture

Animal acupunctureAnimal acupuncture is a holistic veterinary medicine practice rooted in TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) and employs a unique technique.

Through strategically placing needles in specific points across an animal’s body, acupuncture clears blockages in their vital energy, known as Qi.

Qi, often referred to as Universal Life Force Energy, Chi, or Prana in other healing practices, is the force that brings life and animation to all living beings.

The body has 14 primary pathways called meridians through which Qi flows.

An animal acupuncturist precisely inserts needles along these meridians to target and alleviate specific issues.

When Qi moves freely within your pet’s body, it signifies good health.

However, when your pet experiences health challenges, it indicates blockages along one or more meridians.

By skillfully placing needles at precise points along these meridians, acupuncture helps eliminate these blockages, restoring the smooth flow of Qi and promoting your pet’s overall well-being.


biopunctureBiopuncture, a treatment method originating from Germany and employed on humans for more than five decades, has proven beneficial.

During a biopuncture session, the practitioner injects highly diluted natural substances into specific points on the body. The injection triggers healing responses or regulates inflammatory processes.

Typically administered into the muscles, biopuncture injections are commonly coupled with acupuncture sessions for a comprehensive treatment approach.

We’ve discovered that biopuncture holds particular value for senior pets and those grappling with chronic conditions, offering them added support and relief.

Animal Chiropractic

Animal chiropractic focuses on how your pet’s spine impacts their overall health, particularly the nervous system.Animal chiropractic

In the realm of animal chiropractic, maintaining your pet’s good health hinges upon a spine that functions optimally.

Animal chiropractors see the body as a remarkable self-regulating and self-healing entity.

They believe the body’s brain, spinal cord, and nerves guide its functions.

To help your pet achieve better health, animal chiropractors locate and correct misalignments through specific adjustments to the spine.

These spinal adjustments are pivotal in eliminating nerve interference, enabling your pet to return to its natural state of health and wellness.

Cancer Treatments

Cancer TreatmentCancer, in essence, is a disease of the immune system.

We offer numerous holistic veterinary medicine cancer treatments, such as immune boosters and cancer treatment techniques.

Treatment includes Eastern herbal medicine, Western herbal medicine, Vitamin C IV Therapy, Neoplasene treatments, cryotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.

Even if your pet’s terminal illness does not go into remission, he/she will enjoy a longer, better quality of life through cancer treatments.

Food Therapy

Have you ever heard of Eastern Food Therapy for pets? It is a TCVM dietary technique using food as a form of medicine, helping your beloved pet live a longer and healthier life.

Unlike traditional views focusing on calories and nutrients like proteins and fats, food therapy centers on the subtle energy inherent in each food, which it transmits to your pet’s body upon consumption.

Food therapy is not based on calories, proteins, and fat; but rather on the unique subtle energy each food possesses and transmits to your pet’s body when eaten. Food therapy

Food’s subtle energy qualities are warming, cooling, neutral, and blood-building.

Implementing food therapy means feeding your pet foods with specific subtle energy traits to promote or maintain balance per their individual needs.

Food choices can vary depending on your pet’s specific health condition.

You have options to either purchase food therapy-based meals online or learn how to prepare them yourself in a slow cooker.

In essence, employing food as a holistic veterinary medicine works wonders from the inside out—it all depends on what you feed your pet!

Herbal Therapy

Our practice offers a unique blend of Eastern Herbal Therapy and Western Herbalism. 

Combining both approaches provides a comprehensive, holistic veterinary medicine experience.

Eastern Herbal Therapy, rooted in restoring balance within the body, is pivotal in enabling the body’s innate healing capabilities.

In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), restoring balance entails revitalizing Qi, also known as “life energy,” and harmonizing the forces of Yin and Yang.

Eastern herbal therapy integrates elements, seasonal knowledge, and specific body aspects to address the underlying causes of ailments through herbal treatments.

On the other hand, Western herbal medicine focuses on using herbs instead of conventional pharmaceuticals to alleviate symptoms gently.

Western herbal medicine mitigates the adverse effects often associated with prescription medications.

Combining the two herbal methodologies offers a comprehensive and practical approach to veterinary care, ensuring your pet’s well-being while minimizing potential side effects of conventional medications.


ProlotherapyHave you ever heard of Prolotherapy? It’s also called regenerative injection therapy and works wonders for pets experiencing certain health issues.

Prolotherapy injects a gentle irritant into the affected area, prompting the body to kickstart its natural healing process.

This therapy proves incredibly beneficial for pets dealing with various conditions, including arthritis, torn ligaments, tendonitis, bulging discs, and specific types of pain.

It helps alleviate discomfort and promotes healing in these areas.

Prolotherapy is a safe and effective treatment option, encouraging the body’s inherent healing mechanisms to target and resolve various health concerns, aiding your beloved pet on its recovery journey.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapyStem cell therapy is an innovative treatment that harnesses the power of stem cells to aid in healing or preventing certain diseases or conditions in pets.

Our clinic offers stem cell therapy derived from your pet’s own fatty tissue.

Alternatively, you can opt for pre-made stem cells specifically designed for your pet’s use.

Stem cell therapy works wonders for addressing various issues like joint injuries, ligament and tendon damage, and fractured bones.

We’ve witnessed remarkable results using stem cell therapy, with 95% of our arthritis cases showing positive clinical improvements.

It’s an incredibly effective tool that promotes healing and enhances your pet’s overall quality of life.


Tui-na is a remarkable TCVM medical manipulation technique. At first glance, it might seem like a blend of chiropractic and massage, but Tui-na offers much more!

However, Tui-na isn’t just about physical manipulation; it’s an intricate, energetic treatment aimed at addressing specific patterns of disharmony within your pet.

By restoring balance to these disharmonies, Tui-na helps bring your pet back to an energetic equilibrium, fostering overall health and well-being.

Excitingly, we can even guide you through Tui-na techniques that you can use at home to support and benefit your pet.

It’s a hands-on approach that not only aids in your pet’s recovery but also allows you to participate in their care actively.


Will Your Pet Benefit From Holistic Veterinary Medicine?

Your pet’s health and well-being matter deeply to us. We understand the complexities of holistic veterinary medicine and the profound impact it can have on your furry companion’s life.

From acupuncture, herbal therapy, and chiropractic care to innovative treatments like stem cell therapy and Tui-na, our practice offers a diverse range of holistic approaches tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

Now is the perfect time to take the next step toward providing your pet with the comprehensive care it deserves using holistic veterinary medicine.

A consultation with our experienced team will allow us to delve deeper into your pet’s health concerns, assess unique needs, and tailor a holistic treatment plan to promote your pet’s vitality and longevity.

Together, we can explore these innovative and effective holistic veterinary medicine practices, ensuring your pet receives the best possible care to thrive.

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