Allercept Test: Easy Allergy Testing for Dogs and Cats

A blood test called an Allercept test is performed to determine which allergens are causing an allergic reaction in canines and felines. If you want to know if your pet has allergies, discuss Allercept allergy testing for dogs and cats with your vet.  An Allercept test calculates the blood’s concentration of IgE antibodies, which are generated in response to exposure to particular allergens. The test can pinpoint the allergens causing an animal’s symptoms, enabling vets to create a successful treatment strategy. Since other diagnostic procedures, such as skin tests, are unreliable or impractical given the animal’s condition, allercept testing is frequently used.

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The Best Diet for Canine Ligament Injuries

The Best Diet for Canine Ligament Injuries

What Are Canine Ligament Injuries? If your dog starts limping or becomes lame in one of his hind legs, he may have ruptured or torn his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), also called the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). The ACL is the ligament connecting the back of the femur with the front of the tibia (the bone above the knee to the bone below the knee). The most common cause of canine ligament injuries is excessive internal rotation of the tibia when the joint is partially flexed. Ligament injuries are often the result of trauma. Or, they can happen when a

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How to Use Di Gu Pi San for Arthritis, Joint Pain, and More

Do you wish there was an all-in-one formula that works without negative side effects for dog arthritis and joint pain? If you’ve never heard of Herbsmith Di Gu Pi San, then you’re in for a treat! The age of your dog’s decline marks the beginning of constant worry. Old-age health conditions occur, and they will most likely involve dog arthritis and joint pain. Of course, this means frequent visits to the vet, new treatments, new diet plans, hearing your pet’s heartbreaking whimpering… and the list goes on. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) offers various herbal formulas to treat a variety

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L Glutamine for Dogs with IBD

How Important is L-Glutamine for Dogs with IBD?

If your pooch suffers from indigestion, hypersalivation, diarrhea, periodic vomiting, or has been diagnosed with IBD, then L-Glutamine for dogs with IBD may be a simple over the counter (OTC) solution for you.  What is IBD?  IBD or inflammatory bowel disease is a disorder causing intestinal pain, swelling, and discomfort that may lead to long-term inflammation of the gut.   Many dogs, for a variety of reasons, battle IBD either periodically or chronically.  In worst-case scenarios, your canine friend may suffer severe pain that would truly break any pet guardian’s heart. Why L-Glutamine for Dogs with IBD is Important L-Glutamine is

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4 Benefits of AP guard 640X400

4 Benefits of AP-Guard for Pets and Why You Should Get It

Your fur baby is no less important to you than a human baby. And like human babies, they eat random bite-size things in sight, resulting in digestive upset. Luckily, AP-Guard for pets restores digestive health to its prime condition. Cute as it is annoying, pets tend to chew stubbornly, especially when you try to take away what they’re nibbling on. Some of these items can be lethal to them as they enter the digestive tract. Or, in the case of parasites, they aren’t often lethal but can cause problems.  If this reminds you of your pet, taking the right dosage

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7 Powerful Benefits of MCT Powder for Pets

Dubbed as an emerging Ayurvedic wonder, MCT powder is making headlines in the pet supplement industry. This animal-loving supplement, such as Ayuverda’s Pet CoCurcumin MCT powder, promotes optimal health in your fur baby. While already popular for humans, recent discoveries show MCT products have positive effects on a dog’s brain, heart, digestive tract, and nervous system. In this article, we spill the details of the benefits of MCT powder, and why it should be on your shopping list. What Is MCT Powder? MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. Triglycerides are responsible for storing unused calories that will later be converted to

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