Picture Of Feeding Kittens

Important Things To Keep In Mind When Feeding Kittens

The Do’s and Don’t when it comes to feeding kittens: When feeding kittens, keep in mind that the first year is the most important. A kitten’s development is determined in those fifty-two weeks. This first year is critical because during that time kittens grow from infancy through the equivalent of childhood, and then on to young adulthood. That’s why it is especially important to use high-quality food when feeding kittens. The best nutrition possible is needed to build strong bones, good muscles, a well-developed nervous system, and provide the energy needed during that first year. A kitten’s normal weight practically

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Picture Of Puppies For Housetraining

Things You Should Know When Housetraining Puppies

Housetraining puppies can be hard work if you don’t go about it properly.  Follow these suggestions to make housetraining puppies a breeze and maintain balance and harmony between you and your puppies! Puppy Housetraining Accidents Housetraining accidents in the house are the major reason many puppies end up losing their homes. If done properly, housetraining puppies can be quite easy. Dogs have a natural instinct to relieve themselves away from their living quarters. Dogs are clean animals. They do not want to “mess up” where they sleep. This instinct is the reason we recommend using pet crates when housetraining puppies.

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Picture Of Bupleurum Flower

Bupleurum Health Benefits: Helps Stomach, Liver & Spleen

Bupleurum health benefits include harmonizing the stomach, liver, and spleen and clearing many of the conditions controlled by these three organs. Many of the herbal formulas used here at Natchez Trace Veterinary Services contain Buplerum as one of the main ingredients, so we thought you may be interested in the history, use, and effects of this amazing herb. One of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Bupleurum blends used in our clinic is Bupleurum Harmonize Stomach. Bupleurum Harmonize Stomach contains: Bupleurum (Chai Hu) – main ingredient  Angelica Tang Kuei (dang gui) Peony Root (bai shao) Atractylodes (bai zhu) Mentha (bo he) Ginger

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Picture Of Cat With Obesity Problem

Pet Obesity Problems, Health Risks and Management

Pet obesity problems can be very detrimental to the health of your trusted companion and are the cause of many chronic medical conditions. Obesity causes stress in all aspects of your pet’s health. Animals are very good at adapting and hiding symptoms, causing health issues to go unnoticed until they are a serious problem. If your pet is overweight, you may want to consider scheduling a wellness examination and bloodwork with your veterinarian to rule out any hidden health issues. PET OBESITY PROBLEMS CAN CAUSE THE FOLLOWING HEALTH ISSUES: Arthritis Slipped disc Torn or strained ligaments Respiratory problems associated with endurance and

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Picture Of Cat With Hairballs

Prevent Cat Hairballs

 How to Prevent cat hairballs? Most people who own cats, especially long haired cats, can benefit from learning how to prevent cat hairballs. Hairballs are a common problem seen in cats.  They are caused by an accumulation of hair in the stomach of the cat which is eventually spit up in long tubular clumps that we call “hairballs”. This condition is a direct result of the significant amount of time that a cats spend grooming themselves. It has been estimated that cats groom themselves for up to one-third of their waking hours! HOW DO CATS GET HAIRBALLS? The problem begins

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Puppy Lying In A Crate For Training

Puppy Crate Training

Puppy crate training is not mean–dogs love crates! Puppy crate training will help your puppy satisfy the “den instinct” inherited from its ancestors. It will become your puppy’s “own private place”–a “security blanket” of sorts. Puppy crate training also provides guaranteed confinement of your puppy for reasons of security, safety, travel, and housetraining. Puppy crate training is a great method to create balance and harmony in your puppy’s life. It helps you provide control and structure, rather than sporadic punishment after the fact when trouble has occurred. This eliminates many negative feelings on the part of the owner, and a

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