Fight Heart Disease in Dogs: The Safest Taurine Supplement

Is your darling pooch panting even without exercising? Does she suddenly collapse or faint? Even worse, is there blood in her urine? Heart disease in dogs usually starts this way.

If you answered yes, the main culprit might be that your dog is suffering from taurine deficiency. 

Taurine deficiency can cause dilated cardiomyopathy or DCM. This is a heart muscle disease that eventually leads to congestive heart failure. In the worst cases, DCM can cause death. 

If your vet diagnoses your dog with a taurine deficiency, he or she is in dire need of taurine supplements. 


How Does Taurine Help Fight Heart Disease in Dogs? 

How it helps Taurine to aid heart disease in dogsTaurine is an amino acid that is essential in daily cardiovascular function. Moreover, it also helps in the development and function of the brain, eyes, and skeletal muscles. 

This means your fur baby needs enough taurine for healthy living! 

A dog with DCM will have a dilated heart muscle. This forcefully creates a bigger heart chamber containing more blood. This is painful and dangerous to your canine best friend. 

Taurine helps turn your dog’s heart into a strong blood-pumping machine. 


How to Give Your Dog Taurine Supplements? 

How to give Taurine to aid heart disease in dogsTaurine supplements boost normal heart function in dogs, often reversing heart muscle abnormalities. Even better, many dogs get completely weaned off heart medications. 

Taurine comes in the form of a tablet, liquid, capsule, or powder.  

The best way to give them to your doggo is through the mouth. It may be given with or without food but mixing it with food makes it easier. 


What is the Safest Supplement that Helps Fight Heart Disease in Dogs? 

Dr Smith ConsultVarious taurine supplements that help heart disease in dogs are available in the animal care market. They come in all shapes and sizes with their own individual purposes. Some may focus on heart health while others are created to help both the heart and other bodily functions. 

Whether it’s taurine in powder, tablet, or liquid form, always seek a veterinarian’s approval before feeding a new supplement to your beloved canine. Since supplements come in so many forms and brands, it is only expected that they also differ in effectiveness and cause different reactions in certain dogs.

As the name suggests, taurine in Herbsmith Taurine Boost is formulated to improve heart disease in dogs. Herbsmith creator and Veterinarian Dr. Chris Bessent developed this supplement with your pet’s heart in mind. 

Product Taurine to aid heart disease in dogsAs such, this is the safest taurine supplement we can offer your beloved pet.

Together with taurine, other ingredients such as L-Carnitine, omega-3 fatty acids, and coenzyme Q10 work together to push your pet’s immunity, brain, and eye health to their optimum levels. The active ingredients aid in activating your pet’s optimum abilities to continue living a healthy lifestyle. 

This powdery supplement is perfect for dog breeds that are predisposed to cardiovascular stress as well as those suffering from geriatric cardiovascular illnesses. 

You can sprinkle it right over your dog’s food! The perfect way to ease heart disease in dogs and comfort your heart as a pet parent.

Consequently, the dosage depends on your dog’s weight. Another reason to contact your  trusted vet

With your vet’s help, you can be certain you’re fighting heart disease in dogs using taurine supplements the right way. 


Things to Remember 

Remember Taurine to aid heart disease in dogsYour dog’s weight is crucial when it comes to giving her taurine supplements. Make sure her weight records are accurate before administering! 

A beating heart does not always mean a healthy one. So make sure your pooch is not suffering from heart disease with frequent check-ups with your vet. 

Always keep your dog’s heart health in optimal condition with a balanced diet, good exercise, and sufficient taurine in her system. If you need help, contact us


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