Pheromone Collars for Dog Anxiety, Restlessness, Inappropriate Behavior and More

Feline Calming Collar box for cats

We can now provide you with pheromone collars that treat dog anxiety, restlessness, destructive behavior, and more!

Who Can Use Nurture CALM Collars?

Dogs and cats get stressed out just like people do.

For example, any type of life change might cause unwanted behaviors such as:

  • Destructiveness
  • Marking or urinating in the house
  • Excessive barking or meowing

Fortunately, pheromone collars can help!

The Nurture CALM 24/7 Pheromone Collar is available for dogs and puppies with up to a 28″ neck.

The canine calming caller contains sustained release hormones that last 30 days.

How Pheromone Collars Treat Dog Anxiety, Restlessness, Inappropriate Behavior and More

Pheromone collars soothe dog anxiety by mimicking the pheromone that a mother dog produces to calm and reassure her puppies.

Dogs of all ages recognize these pheromones throughout their lives.

And, pheromone collar mimics canine natural pheromones to help dogs cope with new and fearful situations.

Therefore, heromone Collars help alleviate problems such as:

  • Destructive Behavior
  • Inappropriate Marking
  • Restlessness
  • Separation Anxiety

Studies show that pheromone collars treat dog anxiety, restlessness, inappropriate behavior, and more.

Benefits of Pheromone Collars:

  • Safe and effective
  • Helps calm dogs of all breeds
  • Helps calm dogs of all ages
  • Can be used without long term effects
  • Acts as a first-line intervention rather than using powerful prescription medicines
  • Makes dogs feel more comfortable at the vet or in kennels
  • Helps dogs deal with holiday stress
  • Helps dogs cope with loud noises
  • Soothe coping with a new environment (new home, new dog, new baby)
  • Eases separation anxiety problems
  • Helps alleviate the fear of traveling
  • The pheromones go where the dog goes
  • Proven to work for 30 days
  • Sustained-release pheromones 24/7

We now have the pheromone collars in our clinics.

Contact us today for more information!

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