Dog Surgical Correction of Cruciate Tear and Patella Luxation

Surgical Picture Of A Dog Correcting Cruciate Tear And Patella Luxation

Dogs that tear the cranial cruciate ligament frequently also have a luxating patella. This situation presents a unique challenge to the veterinarian often requiring a surgical correction which is a total knee reconstruction. Surgically correcting the cranial cruciate tear is fairly straightforward; however, fixing both at the same time can be much more complicated. Tibial […]

Shen Calmer Eases Anxiety and Nervousness in Dogs, Cats and Horses

Picture of Shen Calmer That Can Treat Anxiety Nervousness in Pets

Shen Calmer is a TCM herbal blend that eases anxiety and nervousness in dogs, cats, and horses. Will Shen Calmer Help My Pet? The Traditional Chinese Medicine indications for Shen Calmer are: Anxiety Shen disorder (Spirit) Heart Yin/Blood deficiency Insomnia Nervousness A thin, fast pulse Restlessness A red, dry tongue According to the principles of […]