Good Veterinary Medicine

A happy dog receiving good veterinary medicine

I see and hear it all the time: “We practice good veterinary medicine!” Or, better yet: “Our practice is ‘high quality.’” When I was in veterinary school, the professors would all tell us: “Make sure you practice good, high quality veterinary medicine!” Every veterinary journal preaches about “good veterinary medicine.” At the time, I thought I […]

Bone Stasis Helps Spurs & Calcium Deposits in Dogs, Cats & Horses

Dog being examined for bone statis treatment

What is Bone Stasis? Bone Stasis is a TCVM herbal blend that helps spurs, bone swelling, and calcium deposits in dogs, cats, and horses.  It can be a beneficial treatment for animals with bone spurs, chips, and osteosclerosis. The Western Medical indications for Bone Stasis are: Bone spur or chip Bone swelling Calcium over-deposit Osteophyte […]