Four Immortals Eases Chronic Diarrhea in Dogs, Cats, and Horses

Herbal Fomula Treats Chronic Diarrhea in Pets

What Four Immortals Formula?

The Four Immortals formula is a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) herbal blend for helping chronic diarrhea in dogs, cats, and horses.horses.

TCVM herbal blends combine synergistic herbs to help ease pet health symptoms.

At the same time, the herbs address the root cause(s) of the symptoms. A very cool method for helping pets from the inside out!

Will Four Immortals Help My Pet?

Dr. Smith has much success using Four Immortals in our clinic for pets suffering from chronic diarrhea.

The TCVM indications Four Immortals are:

  • Daybreak diarrhea
  • Kidney and Spleen Yang Deficiency
  • Deep, weak pulse
  • Pale, wet tongue
  • Very chronic diarrhea
  • Weak back
  • Loss of body weight.

How Four Immortals Eases Chronic Diarrhea in Dogs, Cats, and Horses

At Natchez Trace Veterinary Services, Dr. Smith offers an Eastern exam (TCVM) in combination with the standard veterinary exam.

TCVM philosophy is very different than our standard Western medical philosophy.

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine focuses on balance and finding the root cause of pet health problems rather than simply masking symptoms with prescription medicines.

Through Eastern examination techniques, Dr. Smith chooses herbal blends to treat your pet’s symptoms.

And, at the same time, the herbs correct the underlying imbalances in your pet’s body causing the symptoms.

However, Four Gentlemen is only one of the many TCVM herbal blends available for Dr. Smith to choose from to help your pet.

During the TCVM examination, he may discover underlying patterns better helped by a different herbal blend.

Four Immortals works by:

  • Warming and tonifying Kidney Yang
  • Warming and tonifying Spleen Yang

What Are the Herbs in Four Immortals Formula?

Four immortals is an offshoot of the ancient Chinese formula Si Shen Wan found in the text Zheng Zhi Shun Sheng (Thousand Ducat Formulas) written in 1602 Wang Ken-Tang.

The main ingredients in the Four Immortals formula are:

  • Bu Gu Zhi (Psoralea) to warm and tonify Kidney Yang
  • Da Zao (Jujube) to tonify Qi and harmonize
  • Gan Jiang (Zingiberis) to warm the middle Jiao and harmonize
  • Rou Dou Kou (Myristica) to warm and tonify Spleen
  • Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra) to consolidate Kidney and Spleen and to stop diarrhea
  • Wu Zhu Yu (Evodia) to warm Kidney and Spleen Yang

Our clients have seen wonderful improvements in the health conditions of their pets using herbal blends to take care of a variety of health issues. 

Please contact our clinic at any time if you have questions about herbal remedies

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