Dok’s Formula: Herbal Arthritis Treatment for Dogs, Cats & Horses

Picture Of Doks Formula That Can Treat Arthritis And Joint Pain

Dok’s Formula is an herbal arthritis treatment for chronic joint pain for dogs, cats, and horses.

Will Dok’s Formula Herbal Arthritis Treatment Help Your Pet?

If your pet suffers from arthritis or chronic joint pain, Dok’s Formula might be the solution.

The Western Medical indications for this Dok’s Formula are:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic joint pain
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Rheumatism.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCVM) indications are:

  • Bi syndromes
  • Cold-Bi syndrome
  • Kidney Qi/Yang Deficiency with Wind-Cold-Damp
  • Deep, weak pulse
  • Weak back
  • Pale or purple tongue

At Natchez Trace Veterinary Services, Dr. Smith offers an Eastern exam in combination with the standard veterinary exam. Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy is very different than our standard Western medical philosophy.

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) focuses on balance and finding the cause of the problem rather than simply masking symptoms with prescription medicines.

Through Eastern examination techniques, Dr. Smith chooses herbal blends to ease your pet’s symptoms. At the same time, the herbs correct the underlying imbalances causing the symptoms.

However, Dok’s Formula is only one of the many TCVM herbal blends available for Dr. Smith to choose from based on the results of the Eastern exam.

What Herbs Are in Dok’s Formula?

Dok’s Formula is an herbal blend for relieving the symptoms of arthritis and chronic joint pain while at the same time addressing the underlying causes of these symptoms.

Its Chinese Principles of Treatment are:

  • Tonifying Kidney Yang
  • Dispelling Wind, Damp, and Cold
  • Invigorate Qi and Blood
  • Warming the Channels
  • Relieving pain

Dok’s Formula comes from the ancient Chinese formula Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang found in the text Qian Jin Yao Fang (Thousand Ducat Formulas) written in 652 by Sun Si-Miao.

The main ingredients in Dok’s Formula as an herbal arthritis treatment are:

  • Ba Ji Tian (Morinda) to tonify Kidney Yang and strengthen the bones
  • Bu Gu Zhi (Psoralea) to tonify Kidney Yang
  • Chuan Niu Xi (Cyathula) to support Kidneys and strengthen legs bones
  • Chuan Xiong (Ligusticum) to invigorate Blood and relieve pain
  • Dang Gui (Angelica) to invigorate Blood and relieves pain
  • Du Huo (Angelica) to dispel Wind, Cold, and Dampness and relieve pain
  • Du Zhong (Eucommia) to tonify Kidney Qi and Yang and strengthen back
  • Gan Cao (Glycyrrhiza) to harmonize all other herbs
  • Gu Sui Bu (Drynaria) to tonify Kidney Yang and benefit bones
  • Qiang Huo (Notopterygium) to dispel Wind, Cold and Damp
  • Rou Dou Kou (Myristica) to warm Spleen and Kidney
  • Rou Gui (Cinnamomum) to warm channels and relieve pain
  • Wu Yao (Lindera) to invigorate and warm Qi
  • Xiao Hui Xiang (Foeniculum) to warm back and relieve pain
  • Xu Duan (Dipsacus) to tonify Kidney and strengthen bones
  • Ze Zie (Alisma) to drain damp and benefit Bladder

Our clients have seen wonderful improvements in the health conditions of their pets using herbal blends to take care of a variety of health issues. Please contact our clinic at any time if you have questions about herbal remedies!

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Source: Dr. Xie’s Jing Tang Herbal

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