What’s the Best Herbal Formulation for Horse Diabetes?

What's the Best Herbal Formulation for Horse Diabetes?

What is Horse Diabetes?

You may know some diabetic people.   But, did you know horses also suffer from diabetes and blood sugar problems?   

In the equine world, diabetes and insulin resistance are often called by other names:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Pre-Cushing’s
  • Equine metabolic syndrome

Veterinarians recently discovered an interesting fact about horses and insulin resistance.   

New research shows horses may be insulin resistant without having a pituitary tumor.   

In other words, horses can be insulin resistant without having Cushing’s disease.   

Also, here’s another interesting fact.   Horses with diabetes or insulin resistance are also prone to laminitis.

What is Insulin and What Does It Do?

Insulin is a hormone your horse’s pancreas secretes.   

It signals your horse’s cells to take in glucose, aka “blood sugar”.   

Glucose is the major fuel for our horse’s body.   

Every cell must have a certain amount of glucose for proper function, too.   

Your horse’s skeletal muscles consume most of its glucose.   

Also, in insulin resistance, your horse’s cells are resistant to insulin’s effects.   

So, the pancreas secretes an abnormally large amount of if insulin to compensate.   

Sometimes a horse’s pancreas isn’t able to produce enough insulin.   

As a result, its blood sugar rises abnormally high.   Then, insulin resistance evolves into diabetes.

Signs of Equine Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Your horse may have insulin resistance or diabetes if he/she has:

  • A fatty crest on the neck
  • A history of grass-related laminitis
  • History of laminitis during pregnancy
  • Abnormal bulges above the eyes (in the area that is normally hollow)
  • Fatty deposits on the base of the tail or other with a cellulite-like appearance
  • Gaining weight easily
  • Maintains weightless feed than other horses.

Western Veterinary Treatment for Equine Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Most vets recommend diet changes for horses suffering from insulin resistance or diabetes.   

Your vet will probably recommend you avoid feeding your horse:

  • Apples and other fruits
  • Carrots
  • Grain
  • Horse treats
  • Human Food
  • Pasture

Finally, when your horse is back to a normal weight, you may reintroduce some grazing.   

You’ll need to move forward carefully, following your vet’s advice.   

And, always keep an eye out for weight gain, laminitis, and fatty deposits.

TCVM Herbal Formulation for Horse Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Eastern medicine offers herbal therapy for insulin resistance and diabetes.   

But, Eastern medicine looks at the disease differently than Western medicine does.   

For example, Chinese philosophy considers diabetes and insulin resistance symptoms rather than diseases.   

They are symptoms of an underlying imbalance elsewhere in your horse’s body.   

Using Chinese herbal formulations, you can rebalance your horse from the inside out.   

As a result, when everything is in balance, you restore health.

TCVM Herbal Formula Jiang Chang Cha

For example, Jiang Chang Cha helps horses suffering from insulin resistance or diabetes.   

Jiang Chang Cha is a blend of nine herbs.   

The blend naturally rebalances your horse from the inside out.   

It rebalances the underlying causes of insulin resistance and diabetes.  

Jiang Chang Cha is an amazing tool for horses with:

  • A deep and weak pulse
  • A pale tongue
  • A red, dry tongue
  • A thready and fast pulse
  • Excessive urination
  • Glucosuria
  • Kidney Qi and Yin Deficiency
  • Loose stool
  • Muscle atrophy and fatigue
  • San-xiao Syndrome
  • Xiao Ke Syndrome

Again, Chinese herbal formulations work on the underlying cause of a disease.   

Jiang Chang Cha works by:

  • Tonifying Qi
  • Nourishing Yin
  • Resolving Thirst
  • Clearing Heat

What Are the Herbs in Jiang Chang Cha?

Jiang Chang Cha supplies the following herbs:

  • Bai Zhu – tonifies Qi
  • Bei Sha Shen – nourishes Yin
  • Cang Zhu – strengthens Spleen
  • Huang Gi – tonifies Qi
  • Sang Paio Xiao – astringently consolidates
  • Shan Yao – tonifies Qi
  • Wu Wei Zi – astringently consolidates
  • Xuan Shen – clears Heat and nourishes Yin
  • Yu Zhu –  nourishes Yin

Jiang Chang Cha works best with dietary modifications, exercise, and plenty of water.   However, Jiang Chang Cha is only available with veterinarian approval. 

                                                                   Get Jiang Chang Cha at TCVM Pet Supply

Note: Jiang Chang Cha is only available with veterinarian approval.

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