Four Childhood Lessons Learned by Owning a Puppy

Four Childhood Lessons Learned by Owning a Puppy

The Joys of Owning a Puppy

When it comes to simple pleasures in life I think we can all agree with the character Lucy from the “Peanuts” cartoon strip when with Snoopy in her arms she said, “Happiness is a warm puppy.”

And this little gal is the perfect example.

I’d like for you to meet Candace, a five-month-old Golden Retriever, and her new forever friends Anna and Lilly.

Anna and Lilly don’t know it yet, but Candace is going to change their lives in ways no human ever can.

Every child begs for a puppy at one time or another.  Can you blame them?

After all, who can resist a cuddly ball of fluff that makes you feel like you’re the coolest person on the planet to them?

And what kid doesn’t enjoy a companion, a playmate, and most importantly a friend that always listens and keeps all their secrets.  Nothing puts a smile on a young child’s face the way a puppy can with a simple wag of its tail.

But a puppy is much more than a fuzzy friend.

The Value of Owning a Puppy

Owning a puppy is also a valuable learning experience for any child as it teaches the responsibility of pet ownership.

And one of the first lessons learned is a puppy-like baby depends on us for food, shelter, and protection.

Providing these necessities will teach Anna and Lilly discipline and personal responsibility while providing them with nurturing and socializing skills she’ll use for the rest of her life.

With the guidance of an adult, she’ll learn the importance of regular feeding, bathing, and bathroom breaks for her young pup.

She’ll also practice patience and create memories as she teaches Candace how to walk on a leash, learn commands and perhaps even teach her a few tricks along the way.

Four Childhood Lessons Learned by Owning a Puppy

Owning a puppy also provides an excellent outlet for physical exercise whether it’s playing fetch in the back yard or training on an agility course.

Everyone involved will enjoy the fun and fresh air.

Even daily walks can be a source of discovery as puppy and pal take time to explore the neighborhood or trek through the forest behind the house uncovering more of nature’s creatures.

Do You Remember Your First Puppy?

I’m sure each of us can think of a special pet we had as a child and the joy it brought to our lives.  We loved our pet and considered it a member of the family.

Just check out some of your friend’s family photos if you don’t believe me.

And because of the love and endless devotion our pets gave us, we wanted to give them the best care we could.

And that starts with regular visits to a veterinarian who understands the whole picture of animal health.

Not just treating symptoms or illnesses when they occur but supplying the knowledge and science to create a healthy lifestyle for our pets from puppyhood through maturity.

Natchez Trace Veterinary Services understands that pets, like people, are individuals and deserve customized treatment, nutrition, and techniques to fit each breed’s needs.

In practice since 1998, Doctors Marc Smith and Casey Damron have united traditional veterinary medicine with herbal, laser, chiropractic, and other disciplines to offer pet parents customizable programs for their animals.

From cats and dogs to equines the staff at Natchez Trace Veterinary Serves is happy to answer your questions and work with you to create options for your pet’s healthcare creating a happy and long life for your pet.

So the next time you look at a puppy remember, it’s more than a dog!

It’s a lovable, memory-making, four-legged teacher on a leash waiting for a young child to share the adventure of growing up

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