My Dog Has Elevated Renal Values, Protein in Her Urine, and Allergies. What Should I Feed Her?

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A Question for the Doctor:

My dog, Blue, is a 10year old blue pit/rot mix. She was eating Hill’s Science Diet in 2007, and became sick during the recalls for melamine. Although her specific brand was not formally recalled, many other Hill’s/SD products were, and she became unexplainably ill but got better after switching her food. She also has allergies, and most recently suffered from pancreatitis–possibly from an over ingestion of my boyfriend’s dog’s Rimadyl.

In the last two years, since pancreatitis, my current vet has noted elevated renal values and protein in her urine and recommended she eat Hill’s Prescription Diet K/D for mild elevation/prevention. A senior wellness lab report was done last week, and again I was told her renal values are elevated and there was protein in her urine; even after being on the K/D diet for almost two years. I believe the kidney values were 2.1, but I only received a quick phone call and wrote down as much as I could. I have requested a copy of the results and will forward them if received.

My concerns are:

Hills Dog Food Recall Problems Causing Renal and Allergy Problem

I do not trust Hill’s brand after 2007 recalls, and wonder if that could have contributed to issues with her kidneys.

Protein Quality for Elevated Renal Values and Allergies

I have always tried to feed her well, from switching off the Science Diet to grain-free premium alternatives (for allergies), and also a homemade BARF diet for a little while which was just too time-consuming for my schedule. Thus, I am concerned about the ingredients in Hill’s K/D being fillers with little value, GMO’s, and containing carcinogenic preservatives–I should note that she is constantly hungry, although she is at a healthy weight.–I don’t know if that is female/breed-related, or because she is not getting what she needs from the K/D diet.

Overall her weight and well-being have been good on the K/D diet, however, I am wondering if there is a more natural, possibly grain-free, alternative available from a company that has not been affiliated with poisoning animals unintentionally. I understand that a low protein diet takes the stress off the kidneys; however, from my research, it appears that phosphorous may be more important than protein percentage, as well as the quality of protein versus the content. My recommendation for you would be the Pet-Tao Blaze diet canned. This diet is my and my friend dR> Casey Damron’s diet, and we know what is used in the diet. The meat sources are all muscle meat with no fillers, preservatives, or GMOs.

Alternative Replacement for Hills K/D for Elevated Renal Values and Allergies

I have spent the last several weeks endlessly searching for any guidance because my Vet is solid in their “preventative recommendation” of Hill’s K/D–which they also sell in the house–and I came across your site. I treat my body in a holistic manner, and I’m wondering if it’s appropriate for my dog as well. Obviously, I don’t want to do anything to harm my dog or fix something that isn’t broken. I feel, regardless of the science behind the K/D diet, the food is still chemically processed and contains carcinogenic Ethoxyquin. Am I wrong to worry about that, or are there any alternatives you can recommend?

Thank you in advance for any feedback!

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