#1 Natural Treatment for Dog Cushing’s Disease and Dog Atypical Cushing’s Disease

#1 Natural Treatment for Dog Cushing's Disease and Dog Atypical Cushing's Disease

What is Cushing’s Disease?

Another name for Cushing’s disease is hyperadrenocorticism.

In Cushing’s disease, the adrenal glands produce an excess production of hormones and cortisol.

Often, older dogs suffer from Cushing’s disease.

The symptoms of Cushing’s disease mimic other diseases and include:

  • Increased hunger, thirst, and urination
  • Increased panting
  • Pot-belly
  • Obesity
  • Excess fat on the neck and shoulders
  • Hair loss
  • Low energy

What is Atypical Cushing’s Disease?

Atypical Cushing’s Disease is just like Cushing’s Disease.

In Atypical Cushing’s the adrenal glands produce increased levels of intermediate adrenal steroids.

The adrenal steroids are often called “sex steroids.”

There is no cortisol increase in Atypical Cushing’s disease.

Natural Treatment for Cushing’s Disease and Atypical Cushing’s Disease

Melatonin and Lignans are an excellent natural treatment for both Cushing’s and Atypical Cushing’s disease.

Melatonin and lignans help your dog’s system return to normal.

Lignans improve skin and coat.

Lignans also help restore normal eating, drinking and urination patterns.

In addition, lignans restore energy and inhibit the 3-beta HSD enzyme.

Inhibiting the 3-beta HSD enzyme reduces cortisol levels.


Melatonin helps balance out the hormones and can slow the growth of tumors.

A general guideline for dosing melatonin is:

  • 1.5 mg for dogs under 25 lbs once or twice daily
  • 3 mg for an average medium to large sized dog once or twice daily
  • 6 mg if the dog’s weight exceeds 100 lbs once or twice daily

Research recommends not exceeding a melatonin dosage of 3-6mg every 8-12 hours.


The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine recommends lignan dosages of:

  • SDG flax hull lignans – 1 mg per lb of body weight
  • HMR lignans – total doses of 10mg – 40mg daily should be adequate for small to large dogs

A high quality, cost-effective supplier of melatonin and lignans is Swanson Vitamins.

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