Ophiopogon Formula Treats Cushing’s Disease in Dogs, Cats and Horses

Ophiopogon Formula Treats Cushing's Disease in Dogs, Cats and Horses

What is Ophiopogon Formula?

Ophiopogon Formula is a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) herbal blend that treats Cushing’s Disease in dogs, cats, and horses.

If your pet has Cushing’s disease, Ophiopogon Formula might help.

The Western medical indications Ophiopogon Formula is:

  • Cushing’s disease
  • Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)
  • Insulin resistance
  • Diabetes
  • Hyperthyroidism

The Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine indications are:

  • Dry skin with hot ears and feet
  • Excessive panting with spontaneous outbursts at night
  • Polydipsia
  • Polyuria
  • Yin deficiency
  • A pulse that is thready and fast
  • A tongue that is red and dry

How does Ophiopogon Formula Help Cushing’s Disease in Dogs, Cats, and Horses?

At our clinic, pets often receive an Eastern exam (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in combination with the standard veterinary exam.

Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy is very different than our standard Western medical philosophy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on balance and finding the cause of the problem rather than simply masking symptoms with prescription medicines.

Through Eastern examination techniques, we can choose herbal blends that will both treat symptoms and at the same time correct the imbalances in your pet’s body that are causing the symptoms.

This herb is only one of the many TCM herbal blends available for our doctors to choose from based on the results of the Eastern exam.

Ophiopogon Formula is a specially-formulated herbal blend for relieving symptoms of Cushing’s Disease while.

At the same time, the herbs address the underlying causes of the symptoms of Cushing’s.

The Chinese principles of treatment for Ophiopogon Formula are

  • To nourish Yin
  • Clear Heat
  • Promote body fluids

This formula is crafted from the ancient Chinese formula Mai Men Dong San.

What Ingredients Are in Ophiopogon Formula?

The main ingredients in Ophiopogon Formula are:

  • Bei Sha Shen (Glehnia) to nourish Yin
  • Dan Zhu Ye (Lophatherum) to clear heat
  • Ge Gen (Pueraria) to promote body fluids
  • Huang Qin (Scutellaria) to clear heat
  • Lu Gen (Phragmites) to clear heat and promote body fluids
  • Mai Men Dong (Ophiopogon) to nourish Yin
  • Shan Zha (Crataegus) to resolve food stasis
  • Shen Qu (Massa) to resolve food stasis
  • Tian Hua Fen (Trichosanthes) to clear heat and promote body fluids
  • Wu Mei (Mume) to astringently consolidate
  • Yu Li Ren (Prunus) to move blood
  • Zhi Mu (Anemarrhena) to nourish yin and clear heat

Our clients have seen wonderful improvements in the health conditions of their pets using herbal blends to take care of a variety of health issues. Please contact our clinic at any time if you have questions about herbal remedies!

Powerful Tools for Dog Cushing’s Disease Health Challenges

There are many quick and easy changes you can make at home to help you give your dog an edge on easing Cushing’s disease challenges. 

  • Learn more about Cushing’s Disease. 
  • Try Home Cooking. Visit our Recipe Page, and scroll down to the recipes for dogs with Cushing’s disease. Often, home-cooking makes a huge difference in helping dogs feel better! 
  • Supplement with medicinal mushrooms. PET | TAO’s Complement Immune Mushroom Blend eases inflammatory response and immune system stress caused by Cushing’s. 

  • Try digestive enzymes and probiotics. PET | TAO’s Harmonize Gi boosts gut health, which in turn helps your dog better process all food nutrients. Improved gut health also boosts immunity and calms allergic response. 
  • Feed Freeze Dried Liver Treats. According to TCVM, when Cushing’s disease is present there is almost always Liver Meridian involvement. Liver treats provide Liver Meridian support like as a glandular supplement (Western theory) and via 5-Element Theory (Eastern theory). 
  • Learn about natural remedies. A combination of melatonin and lignans supplementation helps many dogs suffering from Cushing’s. 
  • Learn more about TCVM Herbal Remedies. Chinese medicine offers many amazing natural solutions for Cushing’s disease. A good  example is:  

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