How to Use Zyrtec for Dog Allergies and Itchy Skin

Dog scratching from allergies

A dog suffering from allergies or itchy skin can feel restless and uncomfortable. In some cases, these pets may have a problem getting some shut-eye, too. Giving your pet the right medication with the proper dosage is essential. Is Zyrtec Safe for Dogs?  A medicine called Zyrtec for dog allergies and itchy skin is safe […]

3 Holistic Options for Dog Mast Cell Tumors

Herbals for mast cell tumor in a dog

What Are Mast Cell Tumors? Mast cell tumors are the most common skin tumors in dogs. A mast cell tumor is a cancer of a particular type of blood cell normally involved in the body’s allergic or inflammatory responses. Mast cell tumors most commonly affect the skin, but can also affect other organs such as […]