Tilly’s Continued Success with Adequan, Legend and Laser Therapy

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Remember Tilly?

A short while back we shared a story about Tilly, an Australian Cattle show dog who recently suffered a back injury. Dr. Smith is treating her with Adequan, Legend and Laser Therapy.

Read About Tilly’s History and Prior Success

Tilly’s Regimen of Adequan, Legend and Laser Therapy

Tilly was started on a regimen of Adequan and Legend and Laser Therapy.

Her treatment consisted of:

  • Adequan given at a loading dose followed by injections every two to four weeks
  • Legend injections
  • Bi-weekly laser therapy.

Tilly showed improvement shortly after beginning the treatments.

We are happy to report that Tilly has continued to improve–both in physical function and her agility abilities!

The photo shown here portrays Tilly with her recent winnings which include:

  • Reserve High in Trial
  • First Place in Advanced Cattle
  • High in Trial Australian Cattle Dog.

Tilly’s owners are aiming for the AKC Herding Championship title, “#1 Herding Australian Cattle Dog“, hoping it’s just around the bend!


If you have a dog with arthritis, back injury, or leg injury, then Adequan, Legend or Laser Therapy might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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