Tilly Strikes Again! More Wins for Our Adequan, Legend, and Laser Therapy Patient!

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If you have been following Tilly, you are going to LOVE this update!

A short while back we shared a story about Tilly, an Australian Cattle show dog who recently suffered a back injury and is being treated with Adequan, Legend and Laser Therapy.

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Tilly was started on a regimen of Adequan and Legend and Laser Therapy. Her treatment consisted of the Adequan injection loading dose followed by injections every two to four weeks, Legend injections, and bi-weekly laser therapy. Tilly showed improvement shortly after beginning the treatments.

We are happy to report that Tilly has been showing AMAZING results in her competitions!

Clinching the AKC HC (Herding Championship title) with gusto, 4-year-old Australian Cattle Dog Tilly competed in the Chesapeake Cardigan Welsch Corgi Club sponsored All Breed AKC Herding trial in Berryville, VA this past weekend.

On Saturday she placed first in Advanced Course A Ducks and second in Advanced Course B Ducks. She was also Reserve High Advanced Dog securing her 3 AKC Championship herding points. (She needed just 2 points to complete the required 15). She just missed out on Reserve High in Trial (RHIT) by one-half point (73 total trial entries).

On Sunday she repeated her strong performances on ducks placing first on both Advanced Course A & B Ducks and again was the Reserve High Advanced Dog for a 3 point major win.

Tilly is now a Triple Herding Champion with herding championship titles in AKC, AHBA and ASCA and her new “alphabet soup” name (which includes agility, rally and herding titles) will read: HC HTCh WTCH Waltzin’ Matilda at Belle Meadow VQW RN NF AX AXJ HSAcds HSBd HIAds HIBd HXAc HXBd HXAdM NVA OAC APK RS- JS-E GS-E OFTDc AFTDds HTDIIc HRDIIIs RLFIIIs HTDIIIds HTADIIIds. Tilly is leading the high point race for the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America and is well out front of her fellow cattle dog competitors.

Tilly’s owners, Tamara and Gavin Casser and Charles Gavin of Belle Meadow Farm in Wartrace TN, plan to continue her treatments at our clinic as she continues her trial season through the end of Summer 2013 with the goal of competing in additional herding trials until the end of the year to hone her herding skills.


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