Standard Process: Superior Whole Food Supplements for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

Standard Process: Superior Whole Food Supplements for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

Many of you know of the Standard Process line offered by holistic medical professionals for humans. 

Their products are very popular with human chiropractors and natural health professionals.

But, are you aware that this great line of supplements is also available for your pets?

We are pleased to provide Whole Food Supplements for dogs, cats, and horses!

Standard Process Veterinary Formulas Are Unique

Standard Process veterinary formulas are unique because the company uses “Whole Foods and the Whole Food Philosophy”.

Their goal is to provide nutrients as they are found in nature.

In other words, in a whole food state where their natural potency and efficacy are fully realized.

Their philosophy is to keep the nutrients intact. Standard Process feels that not splitting nutrients from their natural associated synergists (known or unknown) provides better bioactivity than isolated nutrients.

By following a “whole foods” philosophy, Standard Process provides small amounts of food concentrates that offer enhanced nutritional support compared to an isolated or fractionated vitamin.

Standard Process formulates products with high-quality ingredients from their farm, which is over 700 acres. 

Once the crops reach prime harvesting time, they transport them directly to their farm’s on-site juicing and drying facilities to begin the processing cycle.

Afterward, the farm products travel to our manufacturing facility to continue being processed and inspected for quality. The manufacturing facility is just down the road.

Standard Process grows ingredients to have absolute control over the end product.

Paying specific attention to soil health, organic farming, and regenerative farming, Standard Process aims to leave the soil in a better place than they found it every time they’re done harvesting. All products are controlled, tested, and verified from beginning to end.

About the Company

Veterinary Formulas

Standard Process Veterinary Formulas Product List

When it comes to the health of your fur companion, you immediately think of giving them the best diet plans, exercises, and supplements. Hence, the company created various healthful formulas that complement the unique genetic makeup of your pet, no matter the breed.
Dogs, cats, and horses… You name it; Standard Process may have the best supplement for your pet’s needs.
The ingredient combinations in Standard Process veterinary formulas provide a spectrum of nutrients to support multiple organs and systems in your pet’s body.
The complex formulas of targeted nutrients come from whole food ingredients, botanicals, specialized protein extracts, whole food concentrates and isolates, organ and glandular tissue, and synthetic ingredients. These provide the key to your pet’s optimal health.

Standard Process Formulas for DogsCanine Formulas

Extremely conscious about what goes inside your dog’s mouth? You can never go wrong with Standard Process’s various canine formulas.

Check out the list of canine health-promoting formulas Standard Process offers:

  • Canine Adrenal Support
  • Canine Cardiac Support
  • Canine Dermal Support
  • Canine Enteric Support
  • Canine Flex Support
  • Canine Hepatic Support
  • Canine Immune System Support
  • Canine Musculoskeletal Support
  • Canine Renal Support
  • Canine Thyroid Support
  • Canine Whole Body Support

Standard Process Formulas for Horses

Equine Formulas

Standard Process formulated supplements with common horse health issues in mind, so you don’t have to worry about them. After all, raising and taking care of horses is already an arduous task.
Here’s a list of equine formulas Standard Process offers:
  • Equine GI Support
  • Equine Immune Support
  • Equine Metabolic Support
  • Equine Mobility Support
  • Equine Performance

Standard Process Formulas for Cats

Feline Formulas

Give your cat the life they love and deserve with these superior food supplements for cats:
  • Feline Cardiac Support
  • Feline Enteric Support
  • Feline Hepatic Support
  • Feline Immune System Support
  • Feline Renal Support
  • Feline Whole Body Support

In addition to the standard veterinary formulas listed above, Dr. Smith can recommend other products to combine them with. Combining supplements with herbs and food therapy brings the best outcome for your pet. 

Source: Standard Process

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