Treating Tumors & Lumps with Max’s Formula in Dogs, Cats & Horses

Picture of Fomula that Can Treat Tumors and Lumps

What is Concentrated Max’s Formula?

Concentrated Max’s Formula is a TCVM herbal blend used to help with tumors and lumps on dogs, cats, and horses.

The Western Medical indications for this herbal blend are fatty tumors, lumps, nodules, and skin masses on old or weak animals.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine indications for this herbal blend are Blood stagnation and/or stasis, a weak pulse, swelling or nodules of the local glands or internal organs, and a pale tongue.

How TCVM Helps in Treating Tumors and Lumps

In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, tumor nodules and tissues are blood stasis and stagnation.

The primary strategy for treatment is removing the Blood stasis.

Max’s Formula,  along with Stasis Breaker formula, treats neoplasia, nodules, and tumors.

Max’s Formula is recommended for small tumors in older animals or those deficient in one way or another.

At Natchez Trace Veterinary Services, Dr. Smith provides an Eastern exam (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in combination with the standard veterinary exam.

Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy is very different than our standard Western medical philosophy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on balance and finding the cause of the problem rather than simply masking symptoms with prescription medicines.

Through Eastern examination techniques, Dr. Smith chooses herbal blends to treat symptoms, and at the same time, correct the imbalances causing the symptoms.

Max’s Formula is only one of the many TCVM herbal blends available for Dr. Smith to choose from based on the results of the Eastern exam.

What Are the Main Ingredients in Concentrated Max’s Formula?

Concentrated Max’s Formula is a specially formulated Eastern herbal blend for relieving the symptoms of tumors, lumps, nodules, and skin masses.

At the same time, it addresses the underlying causes of these symptoms.

Its Chinese treatment principles are to soften the hardness and clear the nodules.

Max’s Formula comes from the ancient Chinese formula Nei Xiao Luo Li San found in the text Yi Xue Fa Ming (Medical Innovations) written in 1115-1234 by Li Ao.

The main ingredients in Max’s Formula for treating tumors and lumps are:

  • Bai Zhi (Angelica) to clear Wind-Cold and relieve pain
  • Da Huang (Rheum) to clear stagnation/stasis and clear heat
  • Jie Geng (Platycodon) to open the Upper Jiao and transform phlegm
  • Mu Li (Shu) (Ostrea) to soften hardness and clear mass
  • Tian Hua Fen (Trichosanthes) to clear Heat and promote body fluids
  • Xia Ku Cao (Prunella) to clear Liver Heat and resolve nodules
  • Xuan Shen (Scrophularia) to clear Heat and cool Blood
  • Zhe Bei Mu (Fritillaria) to soften hardness and clear nodules.

Our clients have seen remarkable improvements in the health conditions of their pets by using herbal blends to take care of various health issues. Please contact our clinic anytime if you have questions about herbal remedies!

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