Stasis Breaker Treats Tumors in Dogs, Cats and Horses

Stasis Breaker Treats Tumors in Dogs, Cats and HorsesStasis Breaker is a TCM herbal blend that can be very helpful in treating neoplasia, nodules and tumors in dogs, cats and horses.

The Western Medical Indications for this herbal formula are internal abnormal masses and nodules.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine indications for this herbal blend are Blood stagnation/stasis, enlargement or nodules of the local gland or internal organs in strong animals, choppy or weak pulse, purple tongue, tumors and neoplasia.

Note: This herbal blend should not be used in weak or pregnant animals.

At our clinic, pets often receive an Eastern exam (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in combination with the standard veterinary exam. Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy is very different than our standard Western medical philosophy. Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on balance and finding the cause of the problem rather than simply masking symptoms with prescription medicines. Through Eastern examination techniques, we can choose herbal blends that will both treat symptoms and at the same time correct the imbalances in your pet’s body that are causing the symptoms.  Wind Toxin is only one of the many TCM herbal blends available for our doctors to choose from based on the the results of the Eastern exam.

Stasis Breaker is an herbal blend specially formulated with herbs specifically chosen to work synergistically to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and chronic joint pain while at the same time addressing the underlying causes of these symptoms. It’s Chinese Principles of Treatment are to break Blood stasis, soften the hardness of tumors and clear the enlargement.

This veterinary herbal formula is based on the ancient Chinese formula Nei Xiao Wan found in the text Wei Sheng Bio Jan (Precious Mirror of Health) written in 1279-1368  by Luo Tian Yi in Yuan dynasty.

The main ingredients in the Stasis Breaker Formula are:

  • Bai Hua She She Cao (Oldenandia) to inhibit cell mutation and tumor growth
  • Ban Zhi Lian (Scutellaria) to clear Heat-toxin, inhibit cell mutation, and inhibit tumor growth
  • E Zhu (Zedoaria) to purge the interior, break Blood stasis and clear mass
  • Mu Li (Shu) (Ostrea) to soften hardness and clear mass
  • San Leng (Sparganium) to purge the interior, break stasis and clear mass
  • Zhe Bei Mu (Fritillaria) to soften hardness and clear nodules

Our clients have seen wonderful improvements in the health conditions of their pets using herbal blends to take care of a variety of health issues. Please contact our clinic at any time if you have questions about herbal remedies!

Source: Dr. Xie’s Jing Tang Herbal

Becki Baumgartner (83 Posts)

Becki Baumgartner is the Practice Manager and herbalist at the Natchez Trace Veterinary Services Belle Meade Location. Becki is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association. She graduated from Clayton College in 2011 with a BS in Natural Health, Minor in Herbology, obtained her Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Certification in 2012, and her Tennessee Naturalist Certification in 2013. She is currently in the process of obtaining Master Herbalist Certification from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. In her spare time she enjoys running, hiking, and spending time with her husband and three children. Her current projects include working as a Volunteer Naturalist for Metro Parks, facilitating a weekly Reiki Share, and facilitating Reiki, Herbology and Holistic Living classes and workshops in the Nashville Area. Chat with Becki on Google+ | LinkedIn | Facebook

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  1. Alina says:

    My 15 yrs old cat was diagnosedw ith fibrosarcoma(vas).The surgery doesn t seems a good option.Any ideas will be appreciated.Thank you.

    • Surgery or inject with Neoplasane or both.

      • Alina says:

        The tumor is very big.It grew from the last 2 months.The primary vet keeps saying the surgery is to complicated and it will come back.The oncologist said just the same.I can not find a dr in On tario,Canada to work with neoplasene.The cat was for the last 3 weeks on Naltrexone,4mg a night.That took his appetite away and now is even weker than before.Should i push for the surgery..should i go with different holistic herbs.Could still neoplasene be used if the tumor is that big.Thank you .

        • Hard to say. I know one vet in Canda that you can search for on the internet. Her name os Rona Sherebin DVM. I know she is on the internet. Hard to say whether or not it will help!! I wish i could help more!!

  2. Pat McDougall says:

    My 14 lb dog has prostate cancer. My vet ordered Stastis breaker, which he has been taking. A few days later, he started to pass lots of blood through his urethra. They gave Yunnan Baiyao. He passed a blood clot 2 days later. Could the Stasis breaker be casusing the bleeding? Could the Yunnan Baiyao be creating a clot? Are the two kind of “fighting” with each other?
    Thanks so much for your reply.

  3. Tara says:

    Our golden retriever has a nasal tumor. He has been prescribed Stasis Breaker and Wei Qi. He seems to be getting diarrhea from the Stasis, even though I started him on just one capsule 2x a day (prescription says 2 per day). I stopped the Stasis Breaker to test what was causing the diarrhea. I’ve been just giving the Wei Qi and he seems to tolerate that. I know that the Stasis Breaker is important. Any suggestions to head off the diarrhea? I was wondering if it would be worth it to open the capsule and give him 1/2?

    • Keep giving the medicine! the diarrhea will usually resolve in a few days. Try plain yogurt in the food to curtail diarrhea. But usually after a few days, the diarrhea will resolve. You can also try a smaller dose as you mentioned and increase over 7-10 days!

  4. DJ says:

    Last year in April my Shiloh Shepherd had surgery to remove her right anal gland and tumor (anal sac carcinoma) and was given clean margins. I chose not to put her through chemotherapy, so she began concentrated wei qi booster. Sadly, a new tumor formed as was felt during her rectal exam in December. She cannot have surgery due to the tumor’s location so close to the sciatic nerve…plus the fact that she had become a paraplegic post surgery from discs rupturing in her lower lumbar. She is now on stasis breaker and prostate invigorator. Will these herbs keep the tumor from growing and/or metastasizing? She is also on chi-ko & curcuma and other nutritional supplements. Have there been any positive outcomes using these herbs with this type of cancer?

    • Anal gland carcinoma is tough. I have used prostate invigorator many times for prostate and anal gland issues with success. Unfortunately, your case sounds complicated and tough to treat. Good luck with the treatment as it sounds like your veterinarian is providing you great treatment protocol.

  5. Lucia says:

    Hi ! my 11 year old cat has a limphoma in the intestins, he was prescribed with wei qi booster and stasis breaker, yesterday he had his first ciclofosfamida 50mg 1/4 every 3 weeks, i wanted to ask if the combination of the ciclofosphamide and the stasis are not too much? he has not vomit or been depress until today , I had a hard time to make him eat .. should I keep on both ? He started with the chinese medicine a week ago and have had no problems..

    • You can use both and you may want to add a steroid like prednisone. Also, these cats can benefit from pain control with Metacam or Buprenex. Don’t use Metacam and prednisone together though. Ask your veterinarian!

      • Lucia says:

        Hi ! Thanks for the replay, he is also using metilprednisolona (dont know the name in english) he is doing very good, but i need to know for how long should I keep giving him the chinese medicine? nex wednesdey will be 2 weeks..

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