Fan Xie Ye: A Natural Remedy for Cat Constipation

Fan Xie Ye: A Natural Remedy for Cat Constipation

Life is miserable for everyone when there’s a constipated kitty in the home! The most common signs of cat constipation include: Straining in the litterbox Crying Little accidents around the house. Painful for kitty, and troubling for you. When cats have trouble defecating, it’s called constipation. If left treated, constipation may progress to megacolon. In […]

DIY Energetically Warming Homemade Dog Food Recipe

DIY Energetically Warming Homemade Dog Food Recipe

How can you tell if your dog needs a warming dog food recipe? Well, is your dog overweight, sluggish, or depressed? If so, an energetically warming diet will make your dog feel much better! A warming diet also helps dogs who feel cold all the time and like to snuggle in warm places. Or, maybe […]

How to Help Your Diabetic Dog with Chinese Herbs

Image for Chinese Herb Jiang Tang Caha Helps Diabetic Dogs

To some people, the thought of a dog being diabetic sounds odd. But, the truth is, canine diabetes is becoming quite a challenge. In fact, a recent article in the American Veterinarian Journal claims: What is Canine Diabetes? In Canine diabetes, the dog’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired. As a result, […]

Learn How To Make An Energetically Neutral Dog Food


Cooking for your dog is an easy way to improve overall health, wellness, and longevity. In fact, you’ll be using food as medicine to help your dog live a longer, healthier life. The following recipe is for “energetically balanced” dogs. When I talk about energetic balance, I’m referring to subtle energy, your dog’s Yin and […]

How Are CBD Oil, Cannabidiol, and Hemp Extract Used for Pets?

Picture of Hemp Plant for Pets

Do you know the facts regarding the use of CBD oil for pets and hemp extract? CBD oil and hemp extract oil are high in cannabinoids.  Scientists have discovered over 100 different cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Different cannabinoids interact with different receptors in the body producing a variety of different effects. Hemp extract oil may […]