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Dog standing next to bottle of essential oils

3 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Dogs

Love your dog? Love essential oils? You are going to love this information! New to essential oils? Well, you’ve come to the right place! What are Essential Oils? Essential Oils are the natural, aromatic compounds found in plants. A plant’s volatile oils (essential oils) are the plant’s main form of protection against predators and the environment. Essential oils are extracted from the plant by either cold-pressing or steam distilling. Medicinally, essential oils are powerful and safe, and are 55-70 times more powerful than herbs! Unlike pharmaceuticals and chemicals, when used properly, essential oils don’t cause side effects. 3 Ways to Use Essential

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Calm dog

6 Holistic Dog Anxiety Calming Products

Do You Need A Holistic Dog Anxiety Calming Product? If your dog suffers is anxious or nervous, holistic dog anxiety calming product will help! Many dogs suffer from anxiety issues just like humans. Unfortunately, dogs can’t talk. Many situations cause dog anxiety, the most common being separation anxiety. If your dog chews things around the house, makes messes, and maybe even chews his own paws or tail while you are gone, your dog probably has separation anxiety. Doing these destructive things is how your dog communicates that he is stressed. Stress and anxiety can be treated with medication. But who wants their dog

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Happy Dog and Cat

4 Supplements That Holistically Treat Dog & Cat Skin Allergies

Orthomolecular Veterinary Medicine: Natural Skin Allergy Treatment for Animals If your pet has allergies, orthomolecular medicine just might be the answer! Dr. Wendell O. Belfield developed the orthomolecular nutritional approach to the treatment, prevention, and control of skin allergies for small animals. Dr. Belfield was a veterinarian and a pioneer in promoting wholesome foods for pets. In addition, he had a successful veterinary practice in San Jose, California. In his practice, he dedicated his professional life to creating and improving orthomolecular therapies for small animals. Orthomolecular medicine is an amazing natural skin allergy treatment for dogs and cats. It utilizes

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Glass Full of Elderberry Juice

The Use of Elderberry Juice Tonic to Help a Dog with Respiratory Distress

A Question for Dr. Smith  Dr. Smith’s Reply More Powerful Tools for Overcoming Dog Allergy Challenges Learn more about dog allergies. Switch to a Limited Ingredient Diet. PET | TAO Limited Ingredient Diet is naturally low in foods that stimulate an allergic response. Supplement with medicinal mushrooms. PET | TAO Complement Immune Mushroom Blend eases inflammatory response and eases allergy symptoms. Try digestive enzymes and probiotics. PET | TAO Harmonize Gi boosts gut health and combats food allergens. Feed Freeze Dried Lung Treats. According to TCVM, Lung is on the same meridian as the skin. Therefore, lung treats help both breathing and skin allergies. Lung treats support lung and skin similar to a glandular supplement

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Examining dog for alternative treatment

Alternative Cushing’s Treatments in Dogs

A Question for Dr. Smith About Alternative Cushing’s Treatments in Dogs Question from a client!! Brief history before the question… My dog Annie had bloodwork done before a minor surgery last year to remove a skin tag from her eyelid. Her ALT was elevated, maybe around 200? After an ultrasound, the vet saw that her gallbladder was severely enlarged. After consulting with a local specialist, we decided the gall bladder should be removed. Surgery was very successful, and they also removed a noncancerous nodule from her spleen. They did a tiny liver biopsy at the time to check things out

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