Loranthus Formula Helps Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease in Dogs

Loranthus Formula for Pet Arthritis

What is Loranthus Formula? Loranthus Formula is a TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) herbal blend that helps arthritis, chronic joint pain, and degenerative joint disease in dogs, cats, and horses. The Western Medical indications for Loranthus Formula are: Arthritis Chronic joint pain Degenerative joint disease (DJD) Hip dysplasia Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) Rheumatism. Eastern looks […]

Bai Hu Si Miao Eases Rheumatoid Arthritis in Dogs, Cats, and Horses

Formula and treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in pets

What is Bai Hu Si Miao? Bai Hu Si Miao is a TCVM herbal blend for easing rheumatoid arthritis in dogs, cats, and horses. The Western Medical indications Bai Hu Si Miao eases are: Immune-mediated arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis in dogs Infectious arthritis Urinary tract infection. Eastern veterinary medicine evaluates animal health problems a little differently […]

Dok’s Formula: Herbal Arthritis Treatment for Dogs, Cats & Horses

Picture Of Doks Formula That Can Treat Arthritis And Joint Pain

Dok’s Formula is an herbal arthritis treatment for chronic joint pain for dogs, cats, and horses. Will Dok’s Formula Herbal Arthritis Treatment Help Your Pet? If your pet suffers from arthritis or chronic joint pain, Dok’s Formula might be the solution. The Western Medical indications for this Dok’s Formula are: Arthritis Chronic joint pain Degenerative […]

Di Gu Pi San Helps in Arthritis and Joint Pain in Dogs, Cats & Horses

Picture of Di Gu Pi San treatment for Arthritis and Joint Pain in Pets

Di Gu Pi San is an herbal blend for helping arthritis and joint pain dogs, cats, and horses. Will Di Gu Pi San Help Your Pet? Di Gu Pi San might be a good choice if your pet suffers from the Western conditions of: Arthritis Degenerative joint disease Intervertebral disc disease Chronic joint pain Hip […]

Best Treatment for Dog Elbow Arthritis

Xray Picture of A Dog Elbow With Arthritis

The best treatment for dog elbow arthritis  is fairly simple and straightforward. However, you must remember that treating elbow arthritis successfully is tough. With the owner’s consent, I pull out every trick in the book.Best Medicines for Elbow Arthritis                   NSAID-Previcox is my favorite. Adequan PSGAG. Hyaluronic Acid […]

Fish Oil Arthritis Treatment For Dogs

Capsule Treatment For Dog Arthritis

Recent studies indicate a dog fish oil arthritis treatment has been proven effective in eliminating the pain and stiffness of arthritis. Studies show when taken orally and in appropriate amounts, fish oil reduces the inflammatory mediator levels and helps eliminate the arthritis stiffness and pain. How Does the Fish Oil Arthritis Treatment Work for Dogs? […]