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Image for Giving Pet Medications

Giving Pet Medications

Giving pet medications can be quite tricky! Below are some tips and suggestions to simplify the procedure and make giving pet medications much less stressful for both you and your pet. The easiest and least stressful method of giving pet medications is to mix the medication with your pet’s food or put it in a treat.  Sometimes, however, medications must be taken alone or a pet will refuse to eat the food or treat containing the medication.   If you are having trouble getting meds into your pet, the following tips should help. Giving Pet Medications: Helpful Hints Here are

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Image for How To Stop Puppy Chewing Problems

How To Stop Puppy Chewing Problems

Puppies are CHEWING machines! Fortunately, with just a little time and effort you can learn how to stop puppy chewing problems. Puppies have a very strong inherited tendency to investigate their surroundings. Being able to stop puppy chewing problems depends on how effectively you can channel your puppy’s energy toward acceptable chews, rather than unacceptable items. Teething Puppies Puppies begin teething between the ages of three and six months. Just like babies, puppies chew to relieve some of the discomfort associated with the eruption of the permanent teeth. Puppies also chew as a form of play and to explore their

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Picture Of A Dog Being Treated For Thunderstorm Anxiety

Thundershirt: An All-Natural Dog Thunderstorm Anxiety Remedy

A Thundershirt can be a very effective dog thunderstorm anxiety treatment. Thundershirts work by applying a gentle, constant pressure on the dog’s torso. This pressure has an amazing calming effect for many dogs. In fact, anxiety in animals has been successfully reduced by the use of pressure for many years in both humans and animals. For example, some dog trainers use specialized pressure wraps for a wide range of anxiety types. And, some veterinarians use “Squeeze chutes” to help keep cattle calm for vaccinations. In addition, people suffering from autism are even experiencing relief of persistent anxiety utilizing pressure therapy. From

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Beautiful Dog  Ready To Exercise

Why Test For Exercise Induced Collapse?

Why Test for Exercise Induced Collapse? For all of the Lab enthusiasts out there, this is a necessity! For good reason, exercise-induced collapse is a hot topic right now in hunting dogs. I am not going to review all of the signs, symptoms and other facts surrounding this disease. You can view these here! But, I am going to comment on why you need to have your dog tested, your breeding male/female tested, and a new puppy tested. Testing is simple and straightforward! Blood, dewclaws, semen and mouth swabs can all be submitted. Why Test your Pet? Testing a pet

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Dog Standing In Some Common Plants

Common Plants Can Poison Pets!

Let’s talk about pet poison.  Many plants and trees can harm your pet if they are eaten.  Here is a list of some plants found in and around the home that can cause severe illness for your dog or cat. At Natchez Trace Veterinary Services, our goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy!  To keep your pet healthy and happy, it is important to know what dangers may be lurking in and around your home. Plants That Can Cause Heart Damage Lilly of the Valley Oleander Rhododendron Azalea Yew Foxglove Kalanchoe Plants That Can Cause Kidney Failure Rhubarb

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summer dog days

Keep Your Pet Healthy During Summer “Dog Days”

The Dog Days of Summer occur during the hottest and muggiest days of the season – from July 3 to August 11. “Dog Days” gets its name from ancient times by astronomers observing Sirius (The Dog Star) rising and setting with the sun. During this time, you must take special measures concerning heat and heat-related conditions to keep your pet healthy and happy. “Dog Days” gets its name from ancient times by astronomers observing Sirius (The Dog Star) rising and setting with the sun.   They believed that the heat from Sirius being added to the heat from the sun

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