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Dog With Arthtritis

Zeel: Homeopathic Arthritis Pain Relief for Dogs and Cats

What Is Zeel And How Is It Used As A Homeopathic Arthritis Pain Relief For Dogs And Cats?
Zeel is manufactured by Heel, a company originating in Germany. This homeopathic formula was originally created for (and is still used in) treating humans, but has been found to also be an effective remedy for dogs and cats:

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Herbal Medicine For Pets

Pet Alternative Medicine As An Option

Recently, a client asked me how I got involved in the field of pet alternative medicine. This led me to revisit my past attitudes and beliefs about veterinary medicine and compare them to my present practice. The fact that I practice pet alternative medicine at all is somewhat ironic. Earlier in my career, the thought of incorporating pet alternative medicine into my practice would have been an absolute joke. There was no way I envisioned myself not being an absolute, straightforward, “by the book” veterinarian. Mastering pet alternative medicine never even crossed my mind. I was even questioned in the

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